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Get your ticket masked and prevent points from being added to your record.

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Enjoy a convenient and affordable traffic school program.


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Find out if you're eligible to take a California Traffic School course.

  • You Must Have a Valid Class C Driver License
  • You Must Have Been Ticketed for a Moving (Driving) Violation
  • You Must Have Not Taken Traffic School for a Ticket You Got in the Last 18 Months (from citation date)
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California Traffic School in Madera County

The Superior Court of Madera accepts Safe2Drive's online traffic school for drivers who get a ticket in Madera County. When you complete traffic school, the court masks (hides) your traffic ticket. Safe2Drive notifies the court you completed traffic school the same day you finish.

Court Locations

  • Madera County Traffic Division - Madera, CA 93637
  • Madera Superior Court Borden Courthouse - Madera, CA 93637
  • Madera Superior Court House Criminal Division - Madera, CA 93637
  • Madera Superior Court Main Courthouse - Madera, CA 93637
  • Madera Superior Court Main Courthouse (Juvenile Court) - Madera, CA 93637
  • Madera Superior Court Sierra/Bass - Bass Lake, CA 93604

Courtesy Notice

You will receive a courtesy notice in the mail within three weeks of getting a ticket. The courtesy notice will indicate how much you will need to pay, the due date if your violation was an infraction, or the scheduled mandatory court appearance date if your violation was a misdemeanor. The notice will also contain information regarding traffic school eligibility. Call the phone number on your ticket if you do not receive the notice within 3 weeks.

Eligibility for Traffic School

You may be eligible for traffic school if you have not attended traffic school within the last 18 months from the date of the last violation. In order to attend traffic school, the full bail amount must be posted prior to registering with a traffic school.

Request Traffic School

You request traffic school by submitting to the court an administrative fee plus bail.

How Traffic School Online Works

You can register on our web site by choosing Madera County. Pick the traffic court that is on your courtesy notice. Follow the prompts to complete the course and pass the exam. Safe2Drive will electronically send the certificate directly to the court. We will also email your Receipt of Completion to you for your records. You can also print a copy from your account. Please allow 1-2 days for the court to process your completion. Of course, you can call or email us anytime.

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