Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course

Get your ticket dismissed, keep points off your record, and prevent an increase in your insurance premium.

  • Complete Your Course Online--No Classrooms!
  • Enjoy Interactive Games, Videos, and Animations
  • Study At the Pace That is Best For You. You Could Even Finish in One Day!
  • Keep Your Traffic Ticket Confidential. Your Insurance Company Won't See It!


Flordia Traffic School

Enjoy a convenient and affordable basic driver improvement course.

  • We Are Approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV)
  • We'll Match or Beat Any Lower Price You Find!
  • Access Your Course Any Time, Day or Night
  • AWESOME Customer Support (1-800-763-1297 or


Florida Basic Driver Improvement

Find out if you're eligible to take a Florida traffic school course.

  • You Must Have a Regular (Not Commercial) Driver License
  • You Must Have Been Cited for a Moving (Driving) Violation
  • Your Last Traffic School Was More Than 12 Months Ago
  • Learn More About Eligibility Requirements By Clicking Below