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Texas Seat Belt Safety Course

We offer a great course with outstanding service at a low cost.

  • Satisfy a court order and get your seat belt ticket dismissed, or take the course voluntarily for continuing education.
  • Enjoy an easy and convenient online course.
  • We offer a great price and an option to get your driver record.
  • We back our course up with a money-back guarantee. We want you to enjoy your course experience.

Certificate of Completion

Texas Seat Belt Safety Course

We know your Certificate of Completion is important, so we make it easy.

  • We email you your Certificate of Completion for FREE as soon as you complete the course!
  • You can also print your Certificate of Completion from your account as soon as you complete the course.
  • We provide a FREE extra copy of your certificate you can keep for your own records.
  • Our helpful Customer Care team is available to answer your questions 7 days a week!

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Texas Seat Belt Safety Course Online

We want you to enjoy your experience with us!

  • We guarantee you'll be satisfied with our course.
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Texas Seat Belt Safety Course Overview

What is the The Texas Seat Belt Safety Course?

The Texas Seat Belt Safety Course is a six-hour course. Drivers take this course to get a ticket dismissed for safety belt violation. Professionals also take this course to obtain continuing education credits. A certificate of completion is issued upon completion of the course. Drivers submit this completion to the court to get their ticket dismissed. Professionals submit it to their place of employment for continuing education credit.

The course covers specialized topics related to occupant safety in automobiles. This includes child safety seats, air bags, and crumple zones. The specific topics include:

  • Rules of the Road
  • Occupant Protection Equipment
  • Proper Use of Seat Belts
  • Proper Use of Air Bags
  • Child Safety Seats
  • The Science of Crash Forces
  • Protecting Yourself in a Collision
  • Crumple Zones
  • Electronic Stability
  • Suspension Control Devices

How to Dismiss a Texas Seat Belt Ticket

You can get your safety belt violation dismissed and avoid having points added to your driver record by completing an approved Texas Seat Belt Safety course.

Each court specifies its own eligibility requirements for taking a Seat Belt Safety course for ticket dismissal, so you must check with your court to ensure you qualify. In general, you're usually eligible to take a Seat Belt Safety course if you meet the following requirements:

  • You have a valid driver license (that is not a Commercial Driver License).
  • You were ticketed for a seat belt safety violation.

You must request to take a Seat Belt Safety course for the traffic violation shown on your citation and pay a fee to the court for permission to take the course. If you are granted permission to take a Seat Belt Safety course to dismiss your traffic violation, you will be required by your court to obtain a copy of your Texas driving record. You can save time and have Safe2Drive order your driver record for you.

When you complete Safe2Drive's Texas Seat Belt Safety course, you will take your Certificate of Completion to your court to prove that you have taken the course, and your ticket will be dismissed.

How to Get Continuing Education Credits

Many professionals (e.g., commercial truck drivers, police officers) are required to take continuing education courses. Our Seat Belt Safety Course is a perfect course for this purpose. It provides specialized instruction in the science, laws, and practice of safety in the driver and passenger compartments of an automobile, truck, or professional vehicle. Check with your employer to see if they accept our course. Most do.

How Does the Online Course Work?

Safe2Drive's Seat Belt Safety course is quick and easy. Get everything done in three simple steps!

Step One: Register for the course.

Create a username and password and fill out your contact information.

Step Two: Take the course online.

Our Texas Seat Belt Safety course consists of 11 short online lessons. We've incorporated the final exam into the multiple-choice end-of-lessons quizzes. That means you'll take the final exam as you progress through the course. You must pass the end-of-lesson quiz to proceed to the next lesson. Most people pass the lesson quiz on their first attempt, but you can retake a lesson quiz as many times as necessary to pass at no extra fee.

You may log in and out of the course as often as you'd like. Take it all in one sitting or come and go on your own schedule. It's completely up to you!

Step Three: Get your Certificate of Completion.

When you complete the course, we will immediately email you your Certificate of Completion for FREE. You must sign the court copy of the certificate and deliver it to your court. We provide you with an additional copy of your certificate that you can keep for your records.

What is the difference between the Seat Belt Safety Course and the Defensive Driving Course

The Seat Belt Safety Course is a 6-hour course that specializes in topics related to the science, laws, and practice of the occupant compartment of motor vehicles. A Defensive Driving Course, on the other hand, is a generalized program that covers the rules of the road and safe driving habits. Defensive Driving Courses are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). As of June 1st, 2023, the Texas Seat Belt course is no longer regulated by the TDLR. Please check with your court to see if they will allow you to take this course and accept a certificate.

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