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Arizona Defensive Driving Course

Enjoy a convenient and affordable traffic school program.

Getting Started

Arizona Defensive Driving School Online

Find out what you need to take an Arizona Defensive Driving course.

Cost to Attend

AZ Defensive Driving Course

The total cost to take the Arizona Defensive Driving course is the total of the school fee, state fee, state surcharge, and court diversion fee.

Calculate Total Cost

Please select your county and court.

Violation Date Before 04/01/18 As of 04/01/18
School Fee $29.95 $29.95
State Fee $20.00 $20.00
State Surcharge $45.00 $45.00
Court Fee --- ---

Total Cost --- ---

Find Your Court

Check if your court is approved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Note

We have made every attempt to answer the most commonly asked questions. Please call or email us if your question is not here.

Registration and Eligibility:

How do I register?

registration steps

Register In 3 Easy Steps

  1. Find your court. We are approved by the Arizona Supreme Court for nearly all Superior court locations.
  2. Review your price. Safe2Drive guarantees the lowest price. Call us if you find one lower.
  3. Create a username and password. You use these credentials to log in and out of Safe2Drive.
Is this Defensive Driving School the same as Traffic Survival School?

not a Traffic Survival School

We do NOT offer the Traffic Survival Program. We only offer Defensive Driving School (a.k.a. Traffic School).

Am I eligible?

Yes, if:

  • You have not attended an AZ DD Program for ticket dismissal in the last 12 months of the date of this citation.
  • The violation did not cause injury or death.
  • You do not have a commercial driver's license.
  • You are not less than seven days away from your court date.

Eligible Violations

In order to be eligible, your violation must also be on the list of eligible violations.

How Schools Verify Your Eligibility

Schools are required to verify your eligibility with the Supreme Court prior to giving you access to the course. Here is how we do it:

  1. Once you have completed the registration process, we use the information you provide to ensure your eligibility with the State of Arizona. Eligibility is typically verified within 30 minutes of registration.
  2. Watch for your eligibility alert on our "Welcome Back" page after you log in.

    Note:The "Welcome Back" page does not refresh itself. Please refresh your browser if you do not see the eligibility alert.

If we still do not have a copy of your citation, it can be uploaded to your account, emailed to us at support@safe2drive.com or faxed to (858) 225-8699. (We suggest tracing over all citations that are hand written in order to ensure legibility.)

Where is my court?
find your court

Tips to Find Your Court

  1. Your court is identified on your citation by id, name, address, and zip.
  2. It helps to know the county in which your court resides.
  3. Each court in Arizona has a unique ID. This is the most reliable way to find your court.

Strange Court Names and Locations

We have noticed strange things about some court names. Sometimes the court name on the citation is not the name the Arizona State Supreme Court uses.

  1. Cochise County Justice Court Precinct 5 is also called Sierra Vista JP (ID:0205).
  2. The words 'Magistrate Court' and 'City Court' mean 'Municipal Court'.
  3. Maricopa Municipal Court is in Pinal County ... not Maricopa County.
Send a copy my citation and driver license?

Your options:

send citiation options

E-mail: support@safe2drive.com
Fax: (858) 225-8699
Postal Mail: Safe2Drive
P. O. Box 246
Jamul, CA 91935


  1. Take a picture and upload it or e-mail it to us. Take the picture head on.
  2. Faxes are often hard to read (too faint). Avoid delays by using a marker to pencil in.
  3. The following items are most important to see clearly:
    • First and Last Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Driver License #
    • Complaint #
    • Violation Date
    • Violation Code
    • Court Name and Address
    • Court Date
When must I finish? Continuance?

seven days prior

The State of Arizona requires that you finish the course and pass the final exam seven days prior to your court date.


Rules for continuances vary by court. Call the Court for the best information.

Price & Payment:

What is the cost of this course?
view price details

All schools are required to collect the state fee and court fee. These fees are then sent onto the state and court respectively.

State fees? Court fees?

State Fee = An administrative fee for giving you the privilege of taking defensive driving.

Court Fee = Another administrative fee. We pay your court fee directly to the Court Clerk.

view price details

The State fee and Court fee are not fines. Your fines were waived when you chose the option of defensive driving.

Refund policy?

We refund our school fee as long as you do NOT start the final exam.

The State of Arizona has specific rules about when state and court fees may be refunded. Your state and court fees will only be refunded if you did not start the course, the officer failed to file your citation with the court, or your citation is dismissed by a jurisdictional court on its own motion for technical problems not correctable under civil traffic rules of court.

Although the state fees will not be refunded under any circumstances other than those stated above, at its discretion, a court may allow a refund of a court diversion fee to a student (this is a court by court decision).

Refunds are NOT given to students who fail the final exam.

When does the court get my money?

We mail checks once a week. They usually arrive at the court house in 7 days or less after completion.


What is the course like?
lessons quizzes exam certificate

You finish each lesson in sequence. The final exam consists of multiple-choice questions. A Completion Receipt is awarded upon passing the exam. We also notify the court electronically that you finished. Be sure to check with the court in 7-10 business days after completing the course to ensure they have processed your completion.

Must I finish in one sitting?

unlimited logins

We provide an unlimited number of logins. Just use your username and password to login. We take you back to where you left off each time you return.

How long does it take?

four hours

We record the amount of time you spend in each lesson.

Can't see the videos?

check URL and use firefox

  1. Be sure your URl is https://
  2. Try using the Firefox browser if you are using a Mac.


Can I take the exam online?

online exam

Yes, you may take the exam online in the convenience of your own home. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and requires about 15-20 minutes.

view study sheet

Failed the exam?

fail exam

Don't worry, we have prepared a study sheet for you to review so you can do well on the exam. We want you to be successful!

view study sheet


Safe2Drive notifies the court?

we notify the court

Safe2Drive is required to notify your court electronically of your course completion. We also forward your Diversion Fees to your court. Please allow the court ample time to process your course completion.

Note: Your court goes by your completion date, not the date they process your completion. Be sure to check with the court 7-10 business days after completing the course to ensure they have processed your completion.

When do I get my Completion Receipt?

same-day processing

You can print a copy of your Receipt of Completion for your records after you pass the final exam. We also notify the court electronically that you finished. Be sure to check with the court 7-10 business days after completing the course to ensure they have processed your completion.

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