Cost of Arizona Defensive Driving School

Cost To Attend


Arizona Fees

Our course fee is $29.95. There are additional processing, court and state fees. The State of Arizona and your court requires that we collect fees they charge you (Cost To Attend). We send these fees to the State and Court respectively. The total cost of an Arizona defensive driving program consists of five fees:

  1. Course Fee
  2. Processing Fee
  3. State Fee
  4. State Surcharge
  5. Court Diversion Fee

If you choose to attend defensive driving school (DDS), and you are eligible to attend, DO NOT pay the courts for the violation that you are wanting to attend DDS for. You will pay the court fees to Safe2Drive and once you complete the course, we will pay the fees to the court for you. If you pay the court ahead of time, the court will not accept the completion of the course.

A Note on Court Diversion Fees

Courts update their diversion fees every April and October. Safe2Drive makes every effort to ensure the court fees on our site match those on the Arizona public web site (Cost To Attend). We are required by Arizona law to collect from our students the exact fee the court charges --- no more, no less. Therefore, please alert us if you notice the court fee we are charging differs from the court fee on the public site. We will resolve the difference.

Total Cost To Attend

If you received your citation before October 1, 2023, please click the checkbox below. Then, click on the county where your court is located to see the total cost to attend.

If you received your citation after October 1, 2023, simply click on the county where your court is located to see the total cost to attend.

  I received my citation before October 1, 2023