Texas Defensive Driving Course

How to Dismiss a Texas Traffic Ticket

Ticket Dismissal

You can get your ticket dismissed by completing an online Texas defensive driving course. This means you also avoid having points added to your driver record.

Am I Eligible?

You typically take a Texas defensive driving course (also called driver safety course) after you have been issued a citation. Your ticket will be dismissed upon successful course completion.

Each court specifies its own eligibility requirements for defensive driving courses; therefore you must check with your court to find out if you qualify. In general you are eligible for a Texas defensive driving course if:

  • You have a valid driver license (that is not a Commercial Driver License).
  • You were ticketed for a moving violation (e.g., speeding, running a red light).
  • You have not taken Texas traffic school for a ticket you got in the last 12 months.

You must request to take a defensive driving course for the violation shown on your citation. You will also pay a fee to the court for permission to take Texas defensive driving. Note this fee is separate from the fee you pay the defensive driving school. If the court grants you permission to take a driver safety course, you may be required by your court to obtain a copy of your Texas driver record. Save time and let Safe2Drive order it for you!

Your citation is the ticket the officer gave you. Each county in Texas has its own form of citation. You must read the ticket carefully to understand your options and if a Texas defensive driving course is one of them. In most cases you must resolve your citation within 15 days of getting it.

Luckily, Safe2Drive’s online Texas defensive driving course is approved by the TDLR to fulfill your defensive driving requirements. Upon successful completion of your defensive driving program, you will take your Certificate of Completion to the court to prove that you have taken a course, and your ticket will be dismissed.

The Benefits of Taking a Texas Defensive Driving Course

Completing a driver safety course doesn’t just enable you to dismiss your ticket and prevent points from being added to your driver record—it also provides you with a comprehensive educational experience that will help keep you out of trouble in the future. Your online defensive driving course will refresh your memory of important driving techniques, and will get you up-to-date on new Texas traffic laws that may have been put into place since you first earned your driver license. Understanding the skills required to be a safe driver and putting them into practice on the road is the best way to prevent tickets and car accidents later on down the road.