Missouri Driver Education Course


Who should take the online Missouri Driver Education course?

Our course is designed primarily to teach new drivers how to be safe on the roadway and reduce their chances of being in a collision. In this course, you'll learn how to assess and preemptively react to risks while driving in order to keep yourself and other roadway users safe. In addition, you'll learn how to drive in adverse conditions (such as during rain, snow, or fog), how to take care of your vehicle, and what to do in driving emergencies.

Our course is also a great resource for those preparing to take their road sign recognition or written tests in order to qualify for their instruction permit or driver license, because we cover road signs and Missouri traffic laws in great detail. We also include with our course free practice exams to help you prepare for these tests.

Occasionally, we also have older licensed drivers take our course to brush up on traffic laws and safe driving techniques. Drivers of all ages are welcome to take our course!

How does the Missouri Driver Education course work?

Our course is simple and easy to complete! Just follow these three steps:

Step 1: Register. Click on any of the orange "Register" buttons that you see on this page. You'll fill out your contact information, read some information on the course, and make payment. That's it! You're ready to get started.

Step 2: Complete the Course. Our course consists of 10 lessons full of information on road signs, traffic laws and defensive driving techniques. Each lesson contains videos, animations and games to make the material easy to digest and retain. You can complete each lesson at your own pace - there are no lesson timers. We save your place every time you log out, so when you come back, we can take you right back to where you last left off. Plus, our course can be taken on any device with an internet connection--mobile, tablet or desktop. Feel free to take the course with you on the go!

After each lesson is a 5-question quiz. You must get at least 4 questions correct to pass the quiz and proceed to the next lesson. There is a 20-question multiple-choice final exam at the end of the course. You must answer at least 16 correct to pass. We offer unlimited retakes on the lesson quizzes and final exam, so you can retake them until you pass at no extra charge.

Step 3: Get Your Certificate of Completion. When you pass the final exam, we will immediately email you your Certificate of Completion. You can also print a copy from your account.