Iowa Parent-Taught Driver Education


Iowa DOT-Approved

Safe2Drive's Iowa Parent-Taught Driver Education (PTDE) course is 100% approved by the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT). It allows a parent or legal guardian to become an instructor for their homeschooled teen's driver education. PTDE requires both online classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel driver training.

Course Benefits

How It Works

After your teaching parent has been approved by the DOT (your parent must send in their application to serve as a teaching parent and receive a letter of approval from the DOT) you and your parent may begin the course.

There are some steps you must follow on the road to your full Iowa driver’s license. We’ve outlined what you need to do below.

  1. Receive a letter of approval from the DOT to complete Parent-Taught Driver Education.
  2. Complete the first six hours of online instruction.
  3. Pay for the course.
  4. Complete the remaining 24 hours of online instruction.
  5. You will need to complete a total of 40 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with your teaching parent, including 4 hours of driving between sunset and sunrise.
  6. After course completion, fill out the Application for Parent-Taught Driver Education Certificate of Program Completion (Iowa DOT Form 431227, found in the PTDE packet). Mail or email the application, in addition to your completed student driving log (Iowa DOT Form 431228, found in the PTDE packet) and the Exam Scores form provided at the end of your course, to the DOT at or the following address:

    Iowa Department of Transportation
    Driver & Identification Services
    P.O. Box 9204
    Des Moines, IA 50306

  7. Wait to receive the letter of approval and the Certificate of Completion from the Iowa DOT.
  8. After receiving these items, schedule your required driving test at any driver’s license issuance site.
  9. Pass the driving test and receive your license!
  10. To get a full license, you must be at least 17 years old, have completed the above requirements, have held your intermediate license for at least 12 months with a clean driving record, and have parental consent.

Please Note: Iowa DOT Form 431225 is best accessed using Internet Explorer. It may not open on other browsers. You can also find it on the Iowa DOT website.