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Get your ticket masked and prevent points from being added to your record.

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Enjoy a convenient and affordable traffic school program.


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Find out if you're eligible to take a California Traffic School course.

  • You Must Have a Valid Class C Driver License
  • You Must Have Been Ticketed for a Moving (Driving) Violation
  • You Must Have Not Taken Traffic School for a Ticket You Got in the Last 18 Months (from citation date)
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California Traffic School

You can take our online traffic school program to meet your requirement for a ticket you got in Kern County. Safe2Drive is accepted by all courthouses of the Kern County Supreme Court. Register to get started. The course is straightforward and easy to get done. At the end, there will be a short exam. We will automatically send your completion notice to your court within minutes after you pass the exam. The exam is easy, and you can take it as many times as necessary at no extra charge. Most people, however, pass the first time.

Kern County Courthouse Locations

  • Superior Court Kern River (East Division) - Lake Isabella, CA 93240
  • Superior Court Mojave (East Division) - Mojave, CA 93501
  • Superior Court Ridgecrest (East Division) - Ridgecrest, CA 93555
  • Superior Court Bakersfield (Metropolitan Division) - Bakersfield, CA 93308
  • Superior Court Delano/McFarland (North Division) - Delano, CA 93215
  • Superior Court Shafter/Wasco (North Division) - Shafter, CA 93263
  • Superior Court Arvin/Lamont (South Division) - Lamont, CA 93241
  • Superior Court Taft/Maricop (South Division) - Taft, CA 93268


Juvenile traffic misdemeanors are still handled by the Juvenile Court located at 2100 College Avenue, Bakersfield, California (near the County Health Dept. on College and Mt. Vernon).

Eligibility for Traffic School

You are eligible for traffic school if your ticket is for a normal traffic violation (e.g., speeding), and you have not attended traffic school in the last 18 months. You must also hold a valid driver's license. The court determines your eligibility and will notify you in the courtesy notice or on their web site. Drivers with commercial licenses are not eligible for traffic school.

How Traffic School Works

Within a few weeks of getting the traffic citation, you should receive a courtesy notice indicating your fine amount or, if a mandatory appearance is required, your court appearance date and time. You should receive the courtesy notice at least 10 days prior to the appearance date. Remember, should you fail to receive a courtesy notice, appear on or before the appearance date given on your citation. The Courtesy Notice will indicate whether or not you are eligible for traffic school and the instructions for taking care of the ticket. A list of licensed schools is also included. You will be required to pay an administrative fee to the court for the privilege of going to traffic school. This fee is separate from any fee you pay a traffic school.


Safe2Drive's traffic school course is accepted in all counties in California.

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