Review Policy

Our Belief in Customer Reviews

Customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of our business. We value the feedback customers give and strive to incorporate that feedback into the services we provide and the way we interact with customers.


Safe2Drive believes in full transparency. We make every attempt to publish all reviews --- the good ones and the not-so-good ones. We believe this transparency demonstrates our conviction to be open, honest, and committed to delivering excellent customer service.

We treat positive and negative reviews equally. Negative reviews are not hidden, suppressed, modified, or deleted. Spelling and grammatical errors are posted "as-is."

Principles We Follow

Here are the principles that guide our administration of reviews:

  • Reviews are not edited in any way.
  • We are permitted to accept (publish) or reject (not publish) a review.
  • We can reject a review only if it violates a policy.
  • Authors of rejected reviews are given an opportunity to post a new review.
  • We are permitted to comment on a review.
  • Authors are permitted to add a comment to their review.
  • All "published" reviews are visible to visitors.
  • We do not publish personally confidential information with a review.
  • We honor unconditionally an author’s request to remove a review.

Reviews We Do Not Publish

We do not publish reviews under the following circumstances:

  • The review violates our privacy policy.
  • The review contains offensive language.
  • We suspect the review is spam or fraudulent.
  • We suspect the review is from a competitor.
  • The review self-promotes products or services.
  • We suspect the review is part of a cyber-attack.
  • The review is not relevant to Safe2Drive or its products.

Authors of rejected reviews are given an opportunity to post a new review.

Contact Us

Contact us immediately if you feel we are not abiding by our review policy as it is outlined here. You may use the telephone number or email address on our Contact Us page or Live Chat us.