Virginia Driving School

Course Details

Why Take This Course?

Take this course if you are required by the court or DMV to attend an 8-hr driver improvement clinic. Courts usually require drivers to attend a driver improvement clinic as a result of a traffic ticket. The DMV usually requires drivers who accumulate too many points to attend driver improvement. You may also take this course voluntarily to earn 5 safe driver points.

Fast, Easy, and Reliable

  1. Entire course is online.
  2. Fun, engaging, instructive.
  3. Login anytime and anywhere.
  4. Proceed at your own pace.

Lessons and Quizzes

Our course consists of 12 lessons. A short quiz (3 questions) is given at the end of each lesson.

Age Requirement

If you are under age 20, this computer-based driver improvement clinic will NOT satisfy a driver improvement clinic requirement. You must satisfactorily complete a clinic that provides classroom instruction.

Court Approval

It is the court's discretion to award safe driving points, dismiss traffic tickets, or reduce fines as a result of taking this course. Please ensure you have permission from the court to take an online driving improvement class.

Virginia DMV

  1. Driver Improvement Schools in Virginia can keep demerit points off your DMV record.
  2. Driver Improvement Schools in Virginia can earn you Safe Driving points on your DMV record.
  3. If you have comments or concerns about this course, call the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles at 1-877-885-5790.