North Dakota Traffic School


Fast, Easy, and Reliable

Our course is easy, fast, and reliable. We guarantee the lowest price and your satisfaction! If you are not happy, you don’t pay. It is that simple!

Available Courses

1. Defensive Driving: Point Reduction

Our 4-Hr defensive driving course for point reduction is approved by the North Dakota Department of Transportation.

  1. Remove 3 points from your driving record (You can take a defensive driving course in North Dakota once every 12 months.)
  2. Alternative Disposition: Keep points off your record (up to 5 points) for a single citation (Please check with your court to ensure you are eligible for alternative disposition.)

2. Crash Prevention: Insurance Discount

Our course is approved by the North Dakota Highway Patrol, and our certificates are accepted by all insurance companies. Insurance companies are required to offer a reduction in premium for at least two years to drivers who complete a crash prevention course.

3. Mature Driver Insurance Discount

Drivers 55 years or older can take our Mature Driver Improvement (Crash Prevention) course to obtain a 5% insurance discount that lasts 3 years.

How It Works

Get everything done in four easy steps!

  1. Register.
  2. Complete the course.
  3. Pass the exam.
  4. Get your certificate

1. Register

Registration is fast and easy -- only two minutes! Create a username and password. Use your username and password to access the course as often as you want. We provide an unlimited number of logins.

2. Complete the Course

Our defensive driving course consists of eight lessons. Our Insurance Discount course consists of 11 lessons. Both courses include slideshows, animations, and fun facts. You can complete the course at your own pace: a little at a time or all in one sitting. Each time you login, we automatically take you to where you last left off. You can login from any computer, anytime, anywhere!

3. Pass the Exam

At the end of your course you must pass the final exam with an 80% or higher. The 25 question exam is easy and takes about 10 minutes. Take the exam online after you finish the course. You receive your grade immediately. Most people pass the exam the first time. However, you can take the exam as many times as necessary -- there is no extra charge.

4. Get Your Certificate

We will email your Certificate of Completion to you after you pass the final exam. You can also print a copy of your certificate from your account. You must sign and send this certificate to the North Dakota Department of Transportation to receive your point reduction. If you are taking this course for an insurance discount, you must sign the certificate and send it to your insurance carrier.

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