Florida Advanced Driver Improvement


What Are the Benefits of Taking This Course?

Take this course to get your driver license reinstated following a suspension or revocation, to meet a state requirement after being categorized as a Habitual Traffic Offender, to fulfill a court order, to fulfill a requirement for "3 Crashes in 3 Years," or to fulfill a department required notice for an ADI due to an out-of-state ticket.

We Make It Easy

We want you to have an enjoyable, stress-free experience with our course. Here are just a few of the ways we make things convenient for you:

  • Our course is 100% online. You can complete it at home, at your favorite coffee shop--anywhere with an internet connection!
  • We always remember where you left off in the course, so you'll be taken right back to that spot when you log back in.
  • You get to work on your course at the pace that's best for YOU.
  • We will email you your Certificate of Completion for FREE immediately after passing the course!
  • Our friendly Customer Care team is available to answer any questions you might have.

Low Price, High Quality