Failure-to-Yield / Right-of-Way Course


Satisfy a DOT Requirement

Take our course if you have been convicted of a failure-to-yield violation or a right-of-way violation and have been ordered by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) to complete a Failure-to-Yield / Right-of-Way course. You can also take our course if your license has been suspended and the DOT has ordered you to complete a Faillure-to-Yield / Right-of-Way course as a condition of reinstatement.

Our course is approved by the Wisconsin DOT.

Failure-to-Yield Violation / Right-of-Way Violation

Wisconsin law requires that you complete a Failure-to-Yield / Right-of-Way course for a failure-to-yield violation and many right-of-way violations. You will receive a notice from the DOT telling you to take a course. You usually have six months after getting the notice to complete the course.

Requirement for Reinstatement

If your operating privilege has been suspended, you will not be eligible to get your license reinstated until you have successfully completed a Failure-to-Yield / Right-of-Way course. Our course has been designed to reacquaint you with vehicle right-of-way rules and provide awareness of motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists.

How It Works

Get everything done in five easy steps!

  1. Register.
  2. Pay.
  3. Complete the course.
  4. Pass the exam.
  5. Get your Completion Certificate.

1. Register

Registration is fast and easy -- only two minutes! Create a username and password. Use your username and password to access the course as often as you want. We provide an unlimited number of logins.

2. Pay

We accept credit cards or check by mail.

3. Complete the Course

Our course consists of lessons made up of lecture material, animations, and videos. A short quiz is given at the end of each lesson to help you remember the material and prepare for the final exam. The quizzes consist of two multiple-choice questions. You must answer both questions correctly to proceed to the next lesson. Most people pass the quizzes on the first attempt, but you can retake the quizzes until you pass at no extra charge. The entire course takes two hours to complete, per the DOT's requirements. You can complete the course all at once or a little at a time. We take you to where you last left off each time you log in.

4. Pass the Exam

We administer an exam at the end of the course. It consists of 15 questions and requires at least an 80% score (12 correct answers) to pass. You may take the exam as many times as necessary. However, the DOT requires that you start the course over from the beginning if you fail twice in a row. Safe2Drive does not charge any additional fees to take the final exam more than once or to restart the course.

5. Get Your Completion Certificate

You will be able to print a Completion Certificate for your records immediately after you pass the final exam. We will also email you a copy. Your Completion Certificate is your proof that you completed a DOT-approved Failure-to-Yield / Right-of-Way course.

We will process your completion to the Wisconsin DOT within one business day. Once we have processed your completion, you can check your driving status and eligibility to reinstate your operating privilege if your license has been suspended by visiting the Wisconsin DOT website here.