New Mexico Defensive Driving

Online Authentication

Safe2Drive offers an online verification service by Electronic Verification Systems (EVS), a leading provider of credit information. This service enables us to verify your identity online. Even better, it enables you to take the exam online at home (or where ever you have internet access).

No Fee

This service is free.

How It Works

After you complete registration, Safe2Drive will securely request from EVS a series of questions about your history to which only you know the answers. You will not be required to provide any credit, banking, or financial information.

Your identity is verified by answering the questions correctly.

This is NOT a credit check, and this verification method WILL NOT affect your credit score in any way. It WILL NOT negatively impact your credit report.

Sample Questions:

Here are examples of questions that will be asked:

1) Which of the following streets is associated with you?

2) Which of the following phone numbers is associated with you?

3) Which of the following zip codes is associated with you?