Basic Driver Improvement Course


Satisfy a Court Order or Keep Points Off Your Driving Record

Take our Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course to satisfy a court order or keep points off your driving record. Insurance companies will not be able to see your ticket.

Our course is approved by the Michigan Department of State.

How the Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course Works

Complete your Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course in just 3 easy steps.

1. Register.

Registration is fast and easy. Create a username and password, input your contact information, and read some information about the course. That's it! You're ready to get started.

2. Complete the Course.

Our course consists of short lessons that include videos, games, animations and other interactive multimedia. The course is only 4 hours long--the shortest time allowed by law! You can complete it all at once or over a period of time. We automatically take you to your last spot each time you log in.

There is a multiple-choice quiz after each lesson and a multiple-choice final exam at the end of the course. We allow unlimited retakes of the lesson quizzes and final exam--retake them if you need to until you pass!

3. Completion Processing.

Point Avoidance - When you complete the course, we will process your point avoidance completion to the Michigan Department of State for you. The Michigan Department of State will not add any points from the ticket to your driving record and will not show the ticket information to insurance companies. You do not need to provide any paperwork to your court or the Michigan Department of State.

Court Order - If you are taking the course to satisfy a court order you will receive a Certificate of Completion to give to your court.

Am I Eligible to Take a Basic Driver Improvement Course?

You will receive a court order or letter in the mail from the Michigan DOS if you are eligible to take a Basic Driver Improvement Course to keep points from going on your driving record. You may be eligible if you received a ticket and the following conditions apply to you:

  • You have a valid Michigan, non-commercial license, with two or fewer points on your record.
  • The violation was not in a Commercial Motor Vehicle.
  • The violation was not a criminal offense.
  • The ticket you received is eligible (e.g., must be for three or fewer points, not for careless or negligent driving, etc.). For a full list of eligible violations, please click here.

You are disqualified from taking a Basic Driver Improvement Course if any of the following are true:

  • You are in the 60-day period of BDIC eligibility for a previous ticket.
  • You have already avoided points under this program.
  • Your license is restricted, suspended, or revoked or you were not issued a Michigan license.
  • You have three or more points on your record.
  • You held a Commercial Driver's License or were operating a Commercial Vehicle at the time of the ticket.
  • The ticket you received is not eligible for the program.
  • Out-of-state tickets are not eligible for the BDIC program.

Please Note: You are only eligible to take a Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course once in your lifetime.

To get started with the course, click "Register" below.