Division of Motor Vehicles

Comment Letter



Dear Defensive Driver Participant:


Thank you for participating in one of several defensive driving courses offered within the State of Delaware. Defensive Driving Courses existing in Delaware are produced and conducted by several private businesses or groups. The course you have taken part in was not written or conducted by the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV); however, the DMV stands behind educational programs that develop safe driving habits and expand driver awareness.

The DMV’s involvement in courses includes approving Defensive Driving course applications and educational materials of interested businesses or groups who wish to educate the public on how to be a defensive driver. Once approved, the offered courses provide opportunity for participants to receive a discount on their vehicle insurance and receive a “three point credit” with DMV.

You are receiving this letter as a successful participant in a Delaware offered Defensive Driving Course. Please take the time to offer feedback regarding your experience or submit questions about the course you have just taken via email at DMV-DefensiveDriving@state.de.us.

**If you have questions specifically about the course certificate, please call the course provider. The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles does not issue course certificates.**

Again, we thank you for participating in a Delaware Defensive Driving Course and hope that the class has equipped you with the knowledge you need to be safe driver on the roadways.




Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles