What Is A Provisional Driver's License?

Teens who want to earn their driver's license will typically complete a Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program. Learn more about the GDL process here. A provisional driver's license is the second step in the GDL process. This license allows teens to drive on their own without supervision.

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What is a Provisional Driver's License?

"Provisional" is another word for "temporary" or "conditional." Provisional driver's licenses are sometimes called intermediate licenses or probationary licenses. If you hold a provisional driver's license, your driving privileges are restricted in some way. These restrictions vary depending on your state and may include:

  • A limit on the number of passengers you can have in your vehicle
  • Restricted driving hours
  • Stricter distracted driving laws

These restrictions are put into place to help young drivers gain driving experience in a safe environment. Disobeying provisional driver's license restrictions could result in revocation of your driving privilege.

How do you get a provisional driver's license?

Again, this will depend on your state's specific laws. In general, the requirements for earning a provisional driver's license include:

  • Be at least age 15 ½
  • Pass your permit test and hold your learner's permit for at least 6 months prior to applying for your provisional license
  • Complete a driver education course
  • Pass a written exam, a behind-the-wheel exam, and a vision exam
  • Submit proof of identity and residency in your state

Check out our guide to see the specific requirements to earn your provisional license in your state.

How to Prepare for Your Provisional Driver's License

The best way to prepare for your provisional driver's license is taking a driver education course! Safe2Drive is here to help you with that process. We offer online driver education courses in most states. Click the orange button below to find more information about driver education in your state.

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