Knowledge Test Stories and Tips

Here are some stories and tips from students who have taken the knowledge test to help you prepare for it. Click "Share My Story" above if you would like to share your own experience.


I studied, if I didn't I wouldn't be able to be in this position. Don't just read, understand it at ever angle. Really pay attention to the law vocabulary words.

--Nadia Howard, 10/21/2020

Make sure to pay attention the insurance of the car because there is a question over it.

--Makayla Alexander, 10/20/2020

The knowledge test is not as scary as it may seem. As long as you focus during the lessons and lay attention then, you will be perfectly fine. Good Luck

--Elizabeth Wade, 10/19/2020

It was easy if you studied the handbook and read everything.

--Benton Guggenheim, 10/16/2020

The test will having you knowing things that you haven't knew and will get you ready for the road

--Haylee Miller, 10/08/2020

It was easy because I did the pre test and home work

--Harley, 09/03/2020

To tell the truth I really didn't find the knowledge test all that hard-- It took me about 15 minutes to complete, and the only questions I had any trouble with at all were the ones with numbers. Just don't stress. As long as you have carefully read all the material you have everything you need to pass this test easily. And if you have a head for numbers it'll be even easier.

--Sophie, 09/02/2020

It was kinda easy but a few challenges

--Jasmine Christmas , 09/01/2020

I just went over all my notes of the laws and meaning of signs

--Shawn c, 08/30/2020

really easy just make sure you remember signs and laws

--katie w, 08/29/2020

I was scared at first of driving but i got way more confident going through this course

--Spencer Harlow , 08/28/2020

I found the laws part of the test the easiest so make sure you really remember your signs and your laws as well

--Makayla simmons, 08/24/2020

I think the knowledge test was actually very easy. But it was only really easy because they named everything you needed to know very well and was very specific so that is why that test was easy. Some questions were harder but if you thought about what you had read it got a lot easier.

--Rhayndee Brooks, 08/18/2020

To prepare for the test I took notes on everything I was learning and I made sure that when it was something important that I knew that was going to be in the test I made sure that I studied it more the questions that I had more trouble with was sign section the easiest was the right and left

--Emily , 08/14/2020

What I did before taking the knowledge test was just go over everything I had learned and play some of the games provided on the website. The games they have really seem to help me remember what i've learned better. I did that for about five minutes and then I decided I was ready. It was maybe the easiest test i've ever taken. Literally all you have to do is pay attention during the class and you'll pass. I got a one hundred and it took about five minutes to finish. Just don't be nervous.

--Ella K, 08/07/2020

I found the knowledge test fairly easily if you do the classes. The questions that I found the hardest were the questions about laws. They were pretty straight forward but I found the laws most difficult to remember.

--Jaylyn Bishop, 08/04/2020

Make sure you read every word and watch every second of each video, every last bit of their information is crucial. Always reread the section before taking the section test so you will be well prepared for the knowledge test.

--William Flournoy, 07/31/2020

The easiest parts were the quizzes and the hardest part for me wast the test.

--Gabe Goertz, 07/29/2020

Pay attention to the notes

--Landon, 07/27/2020

It took me a month to complete the "six hours" because I kept putting it off but it is so worth the time in the end. While doing drivers ed pay attention! Do the homework! Do not let yourself get distracted, leave your phone in another room if you need to. For me the most difficult questions had to do with numbers, but that's because i didn't pay close enough attention. the easiest for me were the signs I just found those easier to remember. So, take your time it is so worth it in the end!

--emma , 07/16/2020

ya'll, its really not that hard

--Jami, 07/13/2020

it was pretty chill

--Lily Reid, 07/09/2020

Take your time and stay calm it worked for me and hardly anyone gets it the first try so don't be upset if you don't

--sonia , 07/09/2020

As long as you read through each section and pay attention you will pass without a doubt

--elizabeth petru , 07/07/2020

I prepared myself for the test by asking question about what I didn't understand and I figured it out an sit helped me with the test.

--Riley jones, 07/05/2020

My experience taking the Safe2Drive online knowledge test was simple and easy. The course covers everything you need to know and the homework is a great supplement for those who are struggling to grasp the information. Before I took the test I made sure to go over everything I wasn't confident I knew. The questions I had the most trouble with were those asking for specific details such as an amount of feet or inches, as I have trouble remembering specific numbers.

--Michael , 07/01/2020

The knowledge test was very percise and direct infomation from the study guide provided on the course.

--KiAnna Williams, 07/01/2020

I just tried to remember most of the info in my head.

--Heber Cano, 06/30/2020

The Knowledge Test was easy thanks to Safe2Drive, and I'm so happy that I took it online. To prepare for the test, I did the assignments recommended to prepare for the test in each lesson. The easiest part of the test for me was the questions that tested on basic traffic laws and courtesies. I remember having a little trouble with the questions asking about exact numbers and distances, but the mnemonic devices I made helped me abundantly for those questions. Overall, it went fantastically!!

--Smruti Sannabhadti, 06/26/2020

Make sure you signed up for the correct course and pay attention!

--Diana, 06/26/2020

know your street signs and honestly just study. this will make it a lot easier on you.

--Hayley, 06/25/2020

I originally started my first six hours about 3 months ago and just last week i had actually finished them. I kept putting them off, making up excuses. But then last week i was going to pay when they said i was taking the wrong course. So i immediately started the course i should have started taking. So all i am trying to say is PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE TAKING THE RIGHT COURSE. Make sure you read into the course you are taking. Look at the steps you are going to take. oh and READ EVERYTHING!!!!!

--Ava Carrasco , 06/17/2020

Carefully read the lessons, might as well reread those subjects you're struggling with. Pay attention to the videos. Take notes of the important details and also with those you aren't familiar with.

--Mari, 06/16/2020

Pay close attention to what the lesson is teaching you in order to pass your courses

--Joselin lopez , 06/16/2020

Just pay attention to the videos, and interact with the activities!

--Ireland , 06/16/2020

The thing I did most to prepare was study the things that were hard for me, like the signs and pedestrian rules. The most difficult questions were the pedestrian rules and the easiest were the road rules.

--Alyssa M Calhoun, 06/14/2020

The test, for me, was fairly easy. If you paid attention to the reading material then this test is a piece of cake. Educate yourself with this information and you will be fine.

--Nyesa, 06/12/2020

Accessing the website was really easy. The knowledge test was easy too! If you pay attention to the quizzes at the end of every chapter and read through the Texas Driver's Handbook, you will definitely pass the test.

--Prekshya, 06/01/2020

The lessons were easy and accessible. I was able to do all the lessons in the matter of a couple days as they weren't too long and were very easy to pick up

--Dillon , 05/26/2020

the test was pretty easy the only hard things was knowing the laws but just study and that's it

--daison trigo , 05/26/2020

I started taking online driver's ed and I didn't feel like it although I was happy about it. I completed the fist 6 hours and I realized what a blessing it really is to do this.

--Jude Mendoza, 05/20/2020

for me it was pretty easy but i think what will help a lot of people is reading the notes you may not like reading but reading the notes for a couple of minutes can be a live changing experience and pay attention when your mom or dad whoever is driving

--alejandro chavez, 05/04/2020

Don't over think it! And read the questions carefully. You'll do great!

--Brianna, 04/22/2020

Its scary at first then it gets easier but be-careful

--Brock Reddell, 04/20/2020

I personally think that the knowledge test was super easy. Hopefully you followed along and read every lesson to your best ability. If you did, the test is a breeze. Nowwww, give us our keys, please!

--Gracie Ray, 04/18/2020

to prepare for the test i just payed attention to the 7 courses.

--Raina, 04/11/2020

Take notes, especially with subjects you aren't familiar with.

--Faith, 04/07/2020

The knowledge test is super easy! Just study the reviews and do the homework's that they provide and it will be a breeze. I had to take it twice and was one off from passing, it was a bummer but I studied more and got a 100% and a 93% so whatever you put your mind to you will be able to do it. Good Luck!! :)

--Dominic Castellanos, 03/28/2020

When taking tests,I like to go rather fast to get things over with quicker. However, I do not recommend this as i got a few questions wrong i could've gotten right if I would have just payed a bit more attention to the question. Please do not rush this test. You have plenty of time. Before taking the test I suggest you take a deep breath and go over the material briefly. Personally I had the most trouble with the signs, so make sure you pay very close attention to that. I'm sure you'll do great!

--Rachael, 03/28/2020

I completed the hours for my learners license then took the test. I found some of the questions a bit difficult because it was testing my memorization skills! But it was all worth it!

--Sarah Rodriguez, 03/27/2020

It's a test basically asking about the basic signs and direction and laws.

--Erin Nelson, 03/26/2020

Before taking the test I re-took all the practice exams and re-read some chapters I didn't have full confidence about! I waited till I was ready and willing to give all my attention before taking the test. I found all of it easy, none of the material was challenging and the questions were very straight forward. As long as you take those practice tests and read the chapters/lessons you should get a 100%. Good luck!!

--Natalie , 03/22/2020

It wasn't that difficult, just pay attention to the lessons and you'll pass

--Branden Johnson , 03/19/2020

I wrote notes down since the first lesson knowing that I would need them to help me study. And it paid off. I highly recommend taking notes and reviewing them for the tests and future reference.

--mathieu kerael, 03/17/2020

The test wasn't difficult with a little bit of studying and basic road knowledge beforehand. The only thing I found challenging was knowing specific limits to things but taking practice exams with experienced drivers and on your own is all you really need to pass no problem.

--Nasa Maghembe, 03/13/2020

All of them were easy

--myzel, 03/09/2020

To prepare for the test I looked over the homework. My computer was really glitchy so I had to go back and check all my answers to make sure it didn't choose any for me, The most difficult questions for me was about the street signs. I didn't really study those, so the first time i failed that portion. The easiest for me was the normal questions about the lights and that sorts of stuff.

--Briley Judd, 03/09/2020

when I took the knowledge test it wasn't hard you just should write notes over what you have learned and study it for you to pass the test

--Taylor Brennan, 03/02/2020

The Knowledge Test was pretty easy just study your signs and laws and you'll do great!

--Nathan Tran, 02/22/2020

Going into this experience, I thought it would be a lot more time consuming. To my surprise it only took me 3 days to get earn my learners permit! This course really went into depth with everything and quizzed you after each lesson to make sure you got the concept. This course completely prepared me for the knowledge test.

--Smirah, 02/17/2020

as long as you read the things you will probably pass. but if you are struggling then pay attention to things on the road when your parents are driving

--, 02/10/2020

this is an amazing site and i learned so much through this experience! good luck study lots!!

--jenna , 02/04/2020

Don't stress, but really study the laws.

--Ella, 01/19/2020

make a notebook with the lesson summaries and study them before the test

--Arya , 12/25/2019

I think the questions that had to do with the laws were the hardest.

--Josh Bass, 12/08/2019

It was kind of nerve racking. However when I completed it, it was so fulfilling.

--, 12/04/2019

To all the learners that will take these tests, just make sure to take your time and read everything and if you do that you should be fine for the tests.

--Emma Becker, 12/03/2019

Its fairly easy and if you pay close attention to tiny details and bulleted notes, you'll for sure pass

--Alyssa, 11/29/2019

Study all sign shapes and colors, as well as symbols.

--Josh, 11/26/2019

Know that a yield is equilateral triangle and no-passing is not equilateral

--, 11/10/2019

Make sure to know the laws and fines. Also even if a shape is tilted focus on the shape not if it is tilted . It will throw you off if not.

--Sadye, 11/02/2019

In the knowledge test their would be somethings that are fairly easy. Some questions are just common sense questions. There will be some hard questions, when you watch the videos or a clip just make notes so they can help you remember things , somethings that are on the clips and videos will be asked in the test.

--Irene Orrosquieta , 10/29/2019

just do you work then just get it over with

--james.whitworth, 10/26/2019

I thought that I wasn't going to pass the knowledge test the first time, because I felt like I didn't study enough. The test was actually easy, and I finished it in 11 minutes, Take your time and answer at a comfortable pace.

--Val, 10/24/2019

Hello! For the test, make sure to review the specific details, such as the ones regarding insurance policies or particular road signs. Also, the right-of-way rules are definitely worth reading over again. Good luck!

--Erika G., 10/12/2019

You have no reason to worry if you read the lessons. The knowledge test is just full of questions you know. Don't worry and just be ready.

--Micah McDowell, 09/29/2019

all you really have to do is take notes of what you learn.Also read all important parts you dont know and feel that you will struggle on during the test.

--anthony, 09/29/2019

It was a very well written test and I understood everything.

--avery lattin, 09/28/2019

I didn't think i was going to finish in time ,I thought it was going to be way hard. Some of the stuff you've seen before when you're out driving with your parents . There's really nothing to worry about or stress just study your traffic sighs and try to recall everything you've learned in the first 6 lessons and it should be all easy. Don't freak out, and take a deep breath. You got this!

--Susan, 09/26/2019

Safe 2 drive Knowledge Test is a really good way to gt your learner license it helped me a lot now im getting my learner license in a few days thanks to safe 2 drive!!!!

--Rebekah heflin, 09/24/2019

test was pretty easy

--Chris, 09/23/2019

I just read over the questions carefully and made sure I chose the answer that felt the most correct to me or what I would do in the situation. The easiest questions to me were the signs,traffic lights and turns. I made sure to read the lessons carefully and if i didn't know what it meant i would read over the passage again to understand it more.

--Gracie Bundy, 09/14/2019

easy just think

--owen, 09/14/2019

pay attention to the questions and READ the lessons

--eman awan, 09/08/2019

It was good

--Edgar Garcia, 09/04/2019

Never look over it like you're looking over an article, always ready it thoroughly and be ready for anything.

--Jack Watkins, 09/02/2019

i had a great experience and was very easy it you focus hard and pay attention to the reading. be sure to take notes on the guide for important information that may be on the test

--eric , 09/01/2019

If you had passed the other lessons this should be a piece of cake.

--Matt, 08/29/2019

For the knowledge test all I did was pay attention to the videos and did the homework displayed for use. I found that all of the questions were pretty easy you just have to read the notes. Also the games help a lot to because it gives you something fun to help you memorize the important things needed for road safety, instead of just reading the whole thing and losing interest and not learning anything.

--Haleigh McFarland, 08/28/2019

I just believed in myself and knew that if I could take the SAT, I could take any test. When you go into this test, remember the things you have learned and attained over the course of the first six hours and also have faith even when it seems like the worst time to do so. This from Simon, yo.

--Simon Aghedo, 08/22/2019

safe2drive offers a really simple way to complete your drivers ed course it was really helpful when in doubt.I will recommend safe2drive to family and friends

--, 08/20/2019

Online program was easy to use and a great avenue for learning about the rules of the road. The only hiccup I had all day is that it took longer than expected because at each session after my timer was complete I would click next and a small box would pop up and let me know that the timer did not think I had used the entire time and the timer would indicate an additional amount of time (usually between 12-23 minutes) must be completed before the session would be deemed done.

--McKenzie McDonald, 08/20/2019

It honestly wasn't that difficult, you just have to make completely sure you understand what you are reading. :)

--Shaun Wood, 08/17/2019

It helps if you do the practice exams on the knowledge test homework.

--Jaden Carmichael, 08/12/2019

The test was pretty easy just stay aware of the ones talking about feet lengths.

--kate, 08/11/2019

I wrote down previous test questions to review and study.

--Emily Neff, 08/11/2019

i did't really do anything to prepare i kinda already knew all of it

--isabella, 08/06/2019

The test was common sense

--jadan robinson, 08/01/2019


--Paige Grancio, 07/31/2019

Even though the large amounts of information can be quite overwhelming I found that focusing on the main points of each lesson helped to organize my thoughts as well as differentiate what was important and what was unnecessary information.

--Marlenie, 07/31/2019

Always remain calm and when in trouble just remember to drive safely

--Gabriel Anzaldua, 07/24/2019

When preparing for the test I went back over all of the courses and studied so that I would make a good grade.

--Rebecca Place, 07/23/2019

This test wasn't that easy than I thought. I truly did need to study and know the importance of being safe on the road. Driving is a very responsible action everyone needs to know while on the road. The safety of others and yourself is important every time someones sits in the driver seat. Knowing the signs, what to do in an emergency and everything between those lines creates a better drive for everyone. The most difficult thing wasn't a question, is knowing what to do in a time of need.......

--Mia Lozano, 07/16/2019

My overall experience with safe2drive was great. It was an very organized website and easy to navigate.

--Myles Archibald, 07/15/2019

I had a really great experience taking the knowledge test. I found it very helpful to take notes during the course which helped me pass on my very first try. Safe2drive has made it easy and fun for me to be able to start driving!

--Ella, 07/09/2019

I would like to say students need to study the road signs, because that is the hardest thing that i find because they all look similar.

--Landon , 07/07/2019

you should always watch the videos and always re check, and pay attention to detail. If you don't get it the first time, then watch the videos, or the the whole lesson again, just so you can pass.

--Fezan, 07/03/2019

its easy

--, 06/28/2019

Over all the knowledge test was fairly easy. Most of the questions were common sense.

--hannah , 06/26/2019

Its simple if you just study and learn and drive in like a empty parking lot or something

--Ethan Gaytan , 06/26/2019

The knowledge test isn't extremely hard, I thought that I would fail going into it. I came out with a 95, most of the test is common sense, like always giving the pedestrians the right-of-way or knowing what the octagon shaped sign is used for. I didn't have to study too much, all I did was take my classes and do the recommended homework at the end of each lesson. Overall this course is easy if you can pay attention, and it won't take long until you have your learner's license.

--Zackary Mossbrooks, 06/25/2019

so like the test was not that basically was a review of what we have learned if I say the truth I think the test was mainly over signs.thats really all then there is a couple about other ways but most definitely signs,and to prepare I would definitely go over the review packet it gets very easy an taking online helped me a lot because I focused more it was great,so ya the test isn't that hard it should be fine.

--juliekastner, 06/24/2019

it helps me to read the information out loud to remember what i'm reading. take your time.

--casandra , 06/24/2019

Just make sure you pay attention to what you're learning.

--Alyssa, 06/24/2019

For me,preparing for the test was a non-negotiable. After every lesson I would proceed to the homework section and read through the two chapters provided in the handbook. Then I would look at the summary note card and see if there was anything I did not understand. If I didn't understand something I would go reread the section about it and once I understood everything I would take the practice exam. The harder questions were money specific and easier ones were typically the signs.

--syd , 06/23/2019

So I took the test and passed and kids getting their permanent they should watch there parents drive and take tips

--Blake Parish , 06/21/2019

I just had to make sure to really read the questions good, you have to make sure that you understand the question before you answer it. Learning about these lessons can be confusing but you just have to make sure to not get one thing confused with another. There are so many things to remember when your on the road, but understanding each little thing fully is very important, and will help you out a lot when your are on the road. Each thing that you are learning will make you a really good driver

--Diane , 06/19/2019

Make sure that you know the different signs and there meanings

--Aidan, 06/18/2019

I started off with no knowledge of driving or rules of the road but after this I know that I am ready to get behind the wheel and be safe and know what to do in certain situations.

--Abby Path., 06/17/2019

It is really easy if you just play the games and study the flashcards at the end of each lesson

--, 06/17/2019

As long as you study hard and read all of the information, the knowledge test should be a piece of cake!

--Emma B., 06/06/2019

If you payed attention during the course you should be fine

--McCabe, 06/05/2019

Hi! I suggest taking notes, it helps you remember any information that is small and minor.

--, 06/04/2019

The hardest questions for me were the ones about the biking laws and the road signs. Most of the questions were common sense for me because I already knew most of what I was supposed to know so you should definitely study.

--Shawna Harper, 06/03/2019

make sure to study hard and really learn the rules.

--Gavin Marich, 05/28/2019

It wasn't really that difficult it was pretty easy for me

--Gerardo martinez, 05/25/2019

This helped me gain more understanding about some of the signs and colors and what to do in certain situations this definitely will help drivers drive better with better understanding of their surroundings and what to look out for

--Christian, 05/20/2019

The knowledge test was easy as long as you study for it by using this website. No cap Brodsky's

--Alberto, 05/19/2019

Basically the test is pretty easy and if you spend a lot of time studying the material you should not have a problem. To prepare, review all of the lessons for a few minutes.

--Christian Marchand, 05/17/2019

I took notes as I read the paragraphs and none of the questions were difficult I found them all easy.

--brycen loyola, 05/16/2019

Great course! I learned everything and got an 86% cause of it

--Kojo Sekyere , 05/03/2019

The test was relatively easy, although the sign questions were a bit hard. Just make sure to study those signs well and you got it!!!!!

--Lindsey, 04/28/2019

Hey folks! The knowledge test can be quite a struggle right? Well no worries, i'm here to give some tips! I suggest when ever you are driving with your parents or guardians ask as many questions as you can about the signs on the road, and on way's to park the car, when to stop, and driving in relation to pedestrians. This always helped me when I was taking the test, because I not only learned about driving, I got to see it in action!

--ordance, 04/19/2019

What did I do to prepare for the Knowledge Test. Well, I would go over the things I learned and figured out the stuff that I wasn't sure of. Then I would go to my parents and ask them about it, so they could explain it clearly to me. It made it a lot easier to learn because it was coming from my parents, and not just written down and hearing it from inside my head while reading. The questions I found most difficult were the law ones. The signal questions were the easiest. (you'll do good on it)

--Juan Salcido, 04/14/2019

I found it most easy when you pay attention to the readings and the questions they ask you for the readings.

--Kirsten Done, 04/09/2019

I made sure to pay attention to what i was reading when i studied for my test. I found the percentage of alcohol and sign questions the hardest. I found the rules of the road the easiest parts.

--Dillon Johnson, 04/08/2019

This website was great for learning how to drive. The most important things you need to know for the final exams are the laws and signs.

--Brenton, 04/07/2019

I had a good experience with the website and it was very easy to take

--Jace Ledbetter, 04/06/2019

To prepare for the knowledge test i just studied.I didn't really have that much of difficulties. The questions bout on the road driving was the easiest.

--nicole adams, 04/04/2019

It was great i loved using safe2drive and I learned all about driving

--Luke Smith, 03/31/2019

I found the most difficult questions was the ones that i didnt even know were laws, i learned alot of new laws and that was probably the hardest, but it wasnt extremely difficult. The easiest was definetly the road signs, i thought that was easy. if you read through everything then the test are pretty easy over all.

--Landry Bricker, 03/26/2019

Make sure you read every part of the sections and take notes over what you read

--Andrew Webb, 03/20/2019

I am a 15, My parents trusted me that it was time for me to drive. I was nervous at first, and I still am. I started to take this course and it helped me a lot. I'm really nervous but I know I'm going to do fine. This course really helps and prepares you. If you want to pass the test all you need to do is Study and take your time. The questions aren't that hard. If you study and take your time, you'll pass it. I believe that you can. Take it from me just a 15 year about to finally drive a car

--Logan james Williams, 03/13/2019

The course was great and it allows you to identify all of the components of driving. I liked the course because the organization of the course helped me understand driving more, but overall, the course was great.

--Gage Royer, 03/12/2019

honestly this was the easiest way to earn your permit. The lessons are easy! Plus some of the questions and activities are common sense. i 100% recommend this website.

--alana, 03/11/2019

It wasn't very hard just make sure that you review all of the road signs.

--Reese Holmgreen, 03/09/2019

The test is not easy.It took me 3 different tries to finally pass.

--Tyrell Warren, 03/08/2019

I felt really good about the test, the questions are really easy and really self explanatory.

--, 03/06/2019

It was doable

--Kaleb Lay, 03/02/2019

The test was great! The questions really mad me think

--ethan stephens , 02/26/2019

Really read the lessons and do the knowledge test homework.

--Braden Cansler, 02/07/2019

It was really helpful. When taking it at first, you may think that it is just a waste of time. But towards the end, you will find it really beneficial.

--Shithin Abraham, 01/31/2019

This course isn't hard, it,s all mostly common sense, you'll pick it up and be on the road in no time!

--Wyatt Trowbridge, 01/23/2019

most difficult questions was what to do behind a emergency vehicle

--eric, 01/22/2019

I learned a lot in just the first six hours. There is a lot more to driving than i thought. Honestly none of the questions were actually hard I just had to think little more than the other questions on some. Other than that I've learned a lot and you would too.

--Brayden McCullough, 01/18/2019

I was really anxious about finishing and getting a good grade. I took it three times and on the third attempt I finally slowed down and looked at my notes and it payed off. So just remember to take notes in the lessons and take the practice exams.

--Todd Page, 01/17/2019

all the tips i gotta say is focus, study

--joshua henderson, 01/13/2019

I made sure to pay attention with the lessons I was taught and keep all the memory in my headcount to prepare for the test

--Jaheim Rubin , 01/12/2019

For this test, I didn't do much studying which was a mistake on my part. You should definitely study your signs, right of way rules, and other things before taking this test. I highly encourage you to do what the instructor says and take the time to memorize the different signs and signals.

--Trevor Hargrave, 01/10/2019

For the test all I did was take practice tests.the sign questions were more difficult for me.the speed limits were easier.

--Diego, 01/09/2019

I just studied the material, I found that the questions over distance were the most difficult. The signs were the easiest, knowing what each sign meant.

--Vivian Gee, 01/08/2019

Before I was able to pass the learners test, I needed to study. I had to take the test twice because the first time, I thought I knew everything. But this was proven false when I forgot a lot of the laws in Texas following minors and driving. So the second time, I studied and took my time, and was able to pass with flying colors.

--Ashleigh Johnson, 01/03/2019

The knowledge test is fairly set up to where you as the learner can pass the test with not much difficulty. As long as you have a decent understanding of the material you have been taught, you will do fine. Just study traffic signs and laws before you take the test and you will do okay.

--Gabriel Escamilla, 01/01/2019

The knowledge part of driving wasn't too hard because its pretty much common sense. The questions on signs weren't that difficult but the right of ways were little harder.

--Bailey Payne, 12/30/2018

it was cake

--christian criado, 12/29/2018

Simple if you use common sense and pay attention to signs and numbers

--Kylee Lookabaugh, 12/28/2018

I took the practice test many times before taking the permit test at the dealership so I would be prepared with questions they would ask me.

--Nichole Villarreal, 12/10/2018

To prepare for this course I studied. I found the questions about street signs most difficult/

--Zach Majors , 12/09/2018

Make sure to study signs and basic rules of the road for example: when to make right or left turns. Or what to do at certain lights. Easiest is in the signs part just remember basic shapes.

--Marshal Saha, 11/30/2018

Fun and Easy

--Reese Wilson, 11/29/2018

use practice quizzes online and take the test online.

--, 11/28/2018

It was fun

--Logan Hilton, 11/27/2018

Make sure to pay close attention when it talks about the different safety acts passed.

--Dawson Lynch, 11/25/2018

Overall, easy if you read the lessons. Focus on the facts and statistics, such as insurance and BAC and any other specifics you see. Don't worry about the time limit because it really isn't a problem. Just be confident in your answers and good luck!

--Emily, 11/23/2018

When I was getting ready to take the test I took a nap so I would be rested and refreshed. I had a water and some food just in case I needed it. Once I was all set up I made sure to clear my mind of anything not related to driving. The test for the most part was easy, but if I where to have to go back and do it all again I would pay more attention to the road signs. While going through your lessons it's not a bad idea to take notes, because they could be extremely helpful.

--Aubrey Thornton, 11/19/2018

I just passed.

--, 11/17/2018

Somenthing that I found to be very efficient, was to read the whole drivers license book,which really prepared me for this online classes and the quizzes.A fun game that I played with my dad, is that every time we went out, he would tell me what this sign means or what would I do in this situation, and if I get them right at the end he would buy me some chips from the store.

--Isael miranda, 11/10/2018

The Knowledge Test was very easy. All you really need to do to prepare is just pay attention to the important parts of the lessons.

--Carson, 11/10/2018

making a quizlet to study really helps

--callie, 11/08/2018

it's a great experience to learn driving lessons on line, the course is easy to complete, but it requires strong time management since the knowledge is actually pretty boring

--Peter Shi, 11/03/2018

Don't worry, you'll feel extremely prepared for this test. Personally, I reviewed the course summaries and completed the study tools once more before taking the quiz and I passed with flying colors. Good luck and you'll do great!

--Nelly Castro, 10/24/2018

the test was really helpful because i needed that and it help me learn more the people that are driving now

--omarion reed , 10/22/2018

This experience was lengthy but a great educational tool for me to properly learn the ways of the road.

--Korey Landry, 10/15/2018

Going into this test I was kinda nervous once I started it I realized how easy it was

--Pedro Pedraza, 10/08/2018

pretty simple

--hunter, 10/04/2018

This is a very great website!

--Nikita Pokhrel, 10/02/2018

It was relatively easy but I mean I studied and worked for hours to get to this point and I'm glad the result came up good

--Jose Retana, 10/02/2018

My expierience was good. I felt that i could go at my own pace and i enjoyed the class.

--Brenden Collins, 10/01/2018

The test is very well put together and is definitely worth taking. The best way to prepare is to actually read the words on each page of the lesson. Reviewing the contents of each lesson after completed will also help tremendously. The questions I thought were the hardest were the ones about statistics and numbers. I had a hard time remembering the correct answers. However, other than that, studying for it really payed off!

--Dylan Scott, 09/30/2018

The knowledge test was really easy and common sense. Reading carefully your notes would probably be a great way to prepare you for the test.

--, 09/24/2018

all were quite easy, and they mostly felt just like common since. but it helped reinforce my drivers knowledge

--Jayce Skellen, 09/23/2018

This course taught me a ton, and I didn't have to study. The only question I got wrong was because I didn't take my time.

--Austin Livingston, 09/19/2018

This was a great way for me to learn the rules of the road and didn't really take me that long, even though I procrastinated a lot.

--Mia Lartigue, 09/01/2018

The test is easy, so don't stress! Just make sure you're prepared and you will be fine.

--Emily Rappmund, 09/01/2018

I thought the test was easy.

--Edjerin, 08/30/2018

It was fairly easy.

--Edjerin Steele, 08/30/2018

ok to be honest it is really common sense

--frankie zelasko , 08/29/2018

All of the questions are extremely easy, so it's easy to stop paying attention and that's when you're going to mess up. Think through every question and read all the questions before deciding.

--, 08/29/2018

just remember to review over everything you have learned from the previous lessons and make sure to get the small details and you'll do great !

--Hunter Bouley, 08/26/2018

I just listen to every video and made sure I understand all the safety rules for driving on the road. And read all the important information.

--Alec Gaytan , 08/18/2018

In my experience of studying and taking this driving knowledge test i is good to take personal notes and studying those than to just read the textbook. It makes it easier to remember if you use your own notes.

--Jassmin H, 08/15/2018

I think a really good tip on preparing yourself for this test would be to pay attention. Read all the information listed on each page, and listening to the videos shown.

--Alec Gaytan, 08/14/2018

The test was easy, just study what you have previously learned in this course and you will do great

--Ben Coulombe, 08/07/2018

the knowledge test was super duper easy . study and use your resources

--aaliyah Reed, 08/03/2018

One of the most important things you need to know is the shapes and colors of the signs. In some questions they show you a blank sign filled in with black asking you to identify the sign based on its shape. Therefore you will need to study your signs. Another thing to know is basic laws on the road. One good way to study for this is taking the unlimited practice exams has to offer. Other that that just stay calm and stay focused. After all you have a whole hour for a 30 question t

--Ryan Howard, 07/28/2018

I studied the notes. took extra notes. the hardest was the signs

--kaylin, 07/24/2018

AMAZING!!!!! The best way to pass the Knowledge Test was to do the Practice Exams several times and went over my lessons. I study hard but the test was very easy! Love it!!!

--Emily, 07/24/2018

What I did to prepare was to study. What really helped me the most was the games that I played after every lesson. What questions I found to be most difficult was the law question and I need to study more with those so I can be a better driver in the future. The most easiest questions was the sign questions having a visuals help me learn fast.

--Keyah Edmonds , 07/21/2018

I did all my homework after each lesson. The questions that i found most difficult were the sign questions that asked which signs were which. The easiest ones were the ones repeated over on all the games and quizzes.

--Anita Chaiprasert, 07/16/2018

I did this.... and I did good. Thank you safe2drive! Put me in a commercial. :)

--Hayden Browning, 07/12/2018

Dont read through the whole homework book. Study the notes that are provided. All of the answers are in the notes. Signs were the easiest area for me to cover. Laws are definitely not my strongsuit.

--Armando Quintanilla, 07/12/2018

All of this was pretty easy and i love how if let you take the test online.

--, 07/06/2018

I really like it I think it helped me alot

--Luis, 07/04/2018

Going into this I was really worried because I didn't want to fail. But honestly, if you focus during the lessons and are at least passing the quizzes you will do fine. I got a 75 on almost all my quizzes but an 86 on my test. It is possible.

--Meghan Scott, 07/03/2018

Just use some common sense and pay attention to detail.

--Lucas, 07/02/2018

The hardest questions are the ones asking about the signs so just pay extra attention to those and memorize them.

--, 06/30/2018

Do the practice exams from the handbook/homework and from safe2drive, because they're super helpful and a simple way to measure how much you know.

--Ryan, 06/24/2018

take it until you get a 100

--Caitlin Davies, 06/19/2018

It was a great experience and I'm so happy that I passed it don't forget to never give up

--Sierra, 06/16/2018

alot of it is common sence just make sure u pay attention to the little stuff and study it all

--, 06/13/2018

this website is amazing, because all you have to do is read through the lessons and its way cheaper

--Dylan Ruiz, 06/08/2018

Pay attention and read. Don't do drugs and stay in school.

--Sydni f, 06/06/2018

I didn't study for the test itself, but rather spent more time as I went. As I went through the lessons, I read everything over and over before the quiz. Then once I took the test, I didn't need to spend hours studying the material. This also helps me remember the material for a longer amount of time.

--Ryan, 06/01/2018

very helpful and has all the information you need to past the test at the end of he 7th course!!!

--AILANI ADAMS, 06/01/2018

Hi, my name is Kendarika Irvin! When I first started my class on Safe2Drive, I thought I was going to struggle... BUT, I stayed focused and actually took this serious. For future students, all you have to do is pay attention, take notes, study, and then you'll have it 100% packed down and ready to test. Good luck!

--Kendarika Irvin, 05/28/2018

Everything was pretty common sense and easy

--Ethan Garsee, 05/25/2018

The test itself is not too bad, just make sure you remember what you learned and you should be fine. I didn't have to study or anything like that and only missed one.

--Kylie, 05/20/2018

I think that it is was great!!

--Timothy, 05/18/2018

I forgot to read a lot and when I finished and it came to the knowledge test I went back and study for days so I would be prepared so I would pasd

--Jakob, 05/09/2018

it was fairly easy I took mine online at home I suggest taking the test at home It helps with nerves and if you happen to not do well the first time you have unlimited tries(but you get one try a day) Have a blessed day & remember JESUS LOVES YOU!:)

--cnw, 05/07/2018

I liked the way the course was set up and the questions asked.

--Rodrigo Saenz Tinoco, 05/06/2018

I enjoyed the training it was very informative.

--faith ajayi, 05/03/2018

The thing that helped me the most was studying for it by the games.

--David Nichols, 04/29/2018

Study the small stuff! Question about road sign shapes and insurance minimums will pop up and surprise you so make sure you pay attention to the details!

--Elena Ivonye, 04/22/2018

Well my experience was good. It was a very simple test if you really pay attention to the lessons!

--Audrey Armendariz, 04/21/2018

Just study a lot

--kassandra , 04/19/2018

Da tes was so easy man!! As long as u studi you go n pas da tes man!!

--Aaron Runnels, 04/17/2018

The test wasn't as bad as I thought it was. It was actaueasy for me because I studied and remembered a lot of the material. There were a couple of questions I couldn't remember and got wrong but all in all I did pretty good.

--Jaylen bell, 04/09/2018

What to do to prepare for the test? you do the practice tests and you can take them as much as you want to pass the practice tests. the signs are the easiest questions. Do the activities in the practice things it will be easier.

--Tristan , 04/07/2018

Pay attention.

--cameron Havron, 04/05/2018

To prepare for the knowledge test I took practice exams online and read through the given notes in the textbook. The signs were the easy part and the rule were the most difficult because of the exact numbers. Be sure to memorize all of the terms and situations because you never know which ones they could use on the test. Overall, I don't believe it is too hard so just try your best and you'll do great!

--Paityn Garlington, 04/03/2018

I studied the signs and laws, the signs, the laws

--Ryan Oliver, 03/25/2018

If you've read every lesson completely, then you should do fine.

--Jacob, 03/24/2018

I would recommend those who are going to take their knowledge test, to do their knowledge test homework which is offered at the end of each lesson.If the learner does his/her homework regularly he/she will be well prepared for the test. I would also suggest to go over traffic signs and symbols and learn what each symbolizes. In short if you do you homework regularly, you will be well prepared for the test :). Good Luck for your tests :)

--Mariyah Kazim, 03/14/2018

Study signs carefully and also know the traffic rules. This will give you confidence.

--Nashita Kazim, 03/14/2018

I found that the practice tests and notes in the homework were extremely helpful for the test. if you study those for at least 10 minutes for every lesson, it will be very difficult for you to fail the test.

--James M., 03/12/2018

The hardest questions were the ones pertaining to laws and rules. I would study these before taking the test. Most of the other questions were easy and some were just obvious.

--Dillon Ewing, 03/04/2018

Just focus on what your goal is and youll reach it

--Katherine Garcia, 03/03/2018

Review more on signs with videos

--Maida Goldstein, 03/01/2018

I think the hardest part was the road signs. I would study everything it most importantly the rod signs. That was the hardest and know when you can turn when.

--Sienna Campbell, 02/21/2018

To get a hundred percent on the first try, use the packet you got for every question you get stuck on.

--Canyen Breland, 02/20/2018

I have enjoyed the course so far, and I feel like the course prepared me for the test.

--preston, 02/19/2018

not very hard just pay attention and don't stress too much.

--Brein, 02/11/2018

It's tough at times, but you will get through it!

--BB, 02/10/2018

if you study and pay attention, you can be successful on your first try.

--Jarod, 02/09/2018

One tip I have for students is to dedicate yourself to the program.

--Ruby Martinez, 02/08/2018

Don't worry about the test! Trust your gut and relax, you will do great!

--Sara, 02/02/2018

The thing that helped me the most on taking the test was that I studied what I didn't know. For me it was the different signs you see on the road and their colors and purposes. But before taking the test I suggest a quick read through all of the homework you were assigned, but the material you struggle on, hit that the hardest.

--Jalen Walker, 01/20/2018

Make sure to play all of the games multiple times and take all of the practice quizzes after reviewing the material listed at the end of each lesson (lesson summary)!

--Ayah Alzoubi, 01/19/2018

A no passing zone sign looks like a sideways triangle and make sure you do your first six hour and actually read because you will need that advice to help you. The hardest question was the insurance and how much they pay its 25,000 and i put 15,000 but now i know.

--kevin dixon , 01/19/2018

This is a great alternative to going to drivers ed school it is a good price and you still get to learn all that you need to

--Katelyn Robertson, 01/19/2018

it's easy as long as you study the lesson they teach you and review them often .

--pho La phyih, 01/13/2018

I found that the most difficult questions were the ones asking for a certain number of something and the ones talking about the different laws and consents.

--Hayley Humphrey, 01/09/2018

It's very easy if you've read the lessons.

--Gisselle Luna, 01/04/2018

The knowledge test was overall a pretty easy task since I reviewed all of my past lessons on Safe2Drive. If you truly study and pay attention during the course, you should easily understand and recognize the material on the test.

--Joshua Philips, 01/03/2018

The questions were very easy to me. They were mainly safety tips and the key points to driving.

--Trinity Cannon, 01/02/2018

Study, Study, Study!

--BB, 12/26/2017

it was easy and flexible

--meghan orourke, 12/26/2017

Being able to go at my own pace and speed was nice!

--Maddie Garza , 12/25/2017

I read the arrivals and thought about them.The signs were the easiest part of the test. I enjoyed talking the test

--Gavin Payne, 12/20/2017

Just pay inention to the lessons if you do the test is really easy

--Cali Wade, 12/17/2017

Safe2Drive did a great job making sure the viewer understood the important and relevant information. I was completely new to the driving knowledge but I simply went through the course and used the study tools they provided and I passed the test on my first try, missing only one question. If you're looking for a site to help you get your learner's license or just to be a better driver, this is a good one.

--Melanie , 12/16/2017

The stuff is easy overall you just have to pay attention and if possible take notes and look over them. The hardest thing personally was just remembering exact numerical things and the harder signs. Great course and it was really good helped me understand the content.

--Elsy Guzman, 12/12/2017

practice your notes and read 2 times so u can understand

--Daniel G, 12/02/2017

Just study the packet they give you and you should do just fine.

--Patrick Cogdill, 11/27/2017

This has been a blast learning/preparing for my future driving experience!!! All of the video quizzes are easy. The hardest part for me is making time to spend a couple of hours completing 1 to 2 lessons. I really hope you do well on the final tests!! Good luck in your driving experiences! AND BE SAFE!!

--Jenna Lee, 11/26/2017

I suggest using the practice exams that are available on the Knowledge Test homework because the question they give you are very similar to the ones on the test. Also make sure to remember all the numbers cause it can get a little confusing all the distances or time or costs of fines. Good luck!

--Sreeja, 11/25/2017

I suggest that you study the traffic signs very well. You should also study how to park your car [anywhere i.e. on a hill, parallel parking, etc.]

--Adrian, 11/24/2017

The test is super easy, just know the fines!

--, 11/22/2017

It was a very easy but educational program for me, the six hours of driving learning was mostly things about fines and rules and signs. This program was very helpful and I wouldn't have chosen to do it anywhere else.

--Hannah Heidrick, 11/21/2017

first of all...relax. this is the best thing you can do before taking the test. find some instrumental music that has a nice feeling to it that will put you in a good mood and relax. the best thing you could do to prepare for the test is take the practice exams at the end of each lesson and double read all the information. this helped me a lot. the questions are pretty easy if you have a good foundation on road signs and laws. again, just relax when taking the test and ease into it. good luck!!

--saara fortner, 11/20/2017

its pretty easy

--korey moczygemba, 11/14/2017

I was worried that i would fail the knowledge test to be eligible to get my learner license, but was a breeze and the courses that I took on this website helped me out a lot, thanks!

--Angel , 11/11/2017

This online course is really the best way to go to get your learners license in my belief. This course is not too challenging at all. One thing I got out of this is to keep pushing because you will get tired of reading but you will earn it in no time.l

--Darien Stewart, 11/07/2017

Its easy.

--Lexington, 11/04/2017

it was a little intimidating for me at first, all of this very important information I need to know was a little overwhelming. but after a while I learned to take it steady and not to rush. always study as much as possible before taking any tests, even the practice ones. if you feel overwhelmed like I did, take a break and don't continue until you can retain the information. when taking the knowledge t, DO NOT freak out! and always trust your first instinct! you got this!

--madison brown, 11/02/2017

The test was pretty easy as long as you payed attention during the lessons. Make sure you understand road signs. This site ensured me that I know the rules on driving. It has prepared me for driving very well.

--Carson Smith, 10/18/2017

I think the test was very easy just make sure you study for signs and study before all quizzes. I hade a hard time with mob signs but other than that its pretty easy drove for my first time the other day and this permit website safe2drive really did help me drive. driving is super fun just. make sure you know what your doing before getting behind the wheel.i can't wait to start learning how to drive really good on safe2drive. its exiting learning to drive and getting to know the rode. you will b

--Emily Bridges, 10/16/2017

The knowledge test was pretty easy , just some questions were difficult.

--Elian Salazar, 10/12/2017

It was prey simple besides the part of who has the right away. I did miss some questions on that part but my parent it explained it to me and I completely understand now. The easiest subject was what was the red light and green light pretty common since. We are now on the driving part and I'm sure I can do it. It does take practice but I'm learning it everyday.

--Laiton hanson, 10/08/2017

It's a pretty easy test just make sure you know what the sign's mean

--Preston, 09/20/2017

As long alas you study and memorize it's common sense after that

--Tuzavion Hines, 09/16/2017

I studied the road signs, because you come across quit a few on the test so make sure you know them. They can be very tricky if you don't know them.

--Emily bridges, 09/06/2017

All you have to do is do well on your lessons before and take the practice quiz's as well and you will most likely pass.

--Cameron,Chapman, 09/03/2017

I took notes on the subject I was studying. made sure I did the homework and went back and looked at my notes.

--Logan Harris, 09/02/2017

It's was easy to get my learner license

--, 08/31/2017

it was really easy

--drake, 08/22/2017

I was really nervous to take the test. I guess I was nervous because it is a test after all. But once I started I flew through it. 93% is a pretty good score!

--Ashlie Relyea, 08/22/2017

The knowledge test had the potential to be a real doozy. However, I found that as long as I repeatedly reviewed the materials and paid attention to the small stuff, I had no problem breezing through the test.

--James, 08/21/2017

Honestly, it was was pretty easy. The idea of a test stressed me out a bit, but I just had to take a deep breathe and take it. I knew everything on it and only missed one or two silly, easy questions.

--Cat, 08/18/2017

Just make your sure you read everything slowly. If you do you will do just fine:]

--Max, 08/17/2017

I took notes while i was taking the actual 6 hour course, and reviewed them shortly before i took my learners lisence test. I found the fees and true or false questions to be the hardest because the statements are stated like they are true. And the road sign questions were the easiest. Heres a tip- Don't overthink any questions. Answer all of them without second guessing yourself or you might get confused!

--, 08/16/2017

I've recently finished my knowledge test and finally passed after a fe tries. Honestly, i just studied the book and tried my best.

--Mateo llamas, 08/16/2017

honestly it was really easy, and went really smoothly.

--jay, 08/15/2017

It was great and much easier to take it on the computer

--Alan quinones, 08/11/2017

I killed that test

--jacob george, 08/10/2017

i think that the knowledge test was fairly easy. It's just the highlights of the sections. The homework does help

--Jarrett Langford, 08/09/2017

Well the test was pretty easy if you study but if you don't study is going to be complicated the most easy stuff is the signs.

--Richard Cervantes, 08/08/2017

This website is a good place to learn things you didn't know you had to learn. one tip from me is to just pay attention and get it done

--Zach Richardson, 08/07/2017

I missed the Texas Liability Insurance requirement question because of the wording of the question was confusing.

--, 08/06/2017

I took the practice exam more times than I'm willing to admit. That truly prepared me for the test in the easiest, and most efficient way. Honestly, watch out for the questions about the signs, and the little things. That almost got me a few times. Most importantly, wait until you think you're ready to take the test. Don't do it just when you get the first 6 hours done and you're so excited to take the test. Prepare a little first. Common Sense. I cannot say it enough, watch for those questions.

--Whitney, 08/04/2017

When I first got driver's ed, i was so excited. The main reason why I took the course was to understand how driving works. I am a weak driver and had a little experience on the road. Driver's ed has gave me more confidence on how to drive the correct way. it has helped me more to understand it better and go in depth of how complicated driving can be.

--George Seals-Ramos, 07/31/2017

Pay attention

--, 07/27/2017

Just pay attention to the chapters and be calm, that helps

--Katlyn, 07/27/2017

To prepare for the test I would just take as many practice tests as you can till you get a perfect score almost every time.

--Adam, 07/27/2017

Study the dui section

--Jared Husk, 07/22/2017

I am a 16 year student at high school and enjoyed taking my driving course on safe2drive it was a fun experience and i did it all online, i still remember when i went to driving school they told me that i have to come ever day for 16 days and i panicked because i had no ride and it was pretty far to walk, but gladly found this website thank you safe2drive y'all are great keep up your great work.

--Syed Shams, 07/21/2017

It was easy but you have to take your time and read each question

--Jeremiah johnson , 07/20/2017

It wasn't as hard as I thought... this program has a really cool concept to it and i dont understand why every one isnt using it.

--Tyler McFadden, 07/19/2017

super easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--ashlee , 07/19/2017

Its was fun, to learn new things.

--Trevor Whitfield, 07/19/2017

i really reccommend to go over the notes & take practice exams!! they are very helpful! i was honestly stressing over nothing! Just study , read the handbook ,dont just scan through it actually read it!!! and you got this!

--Lizaaa, 07/17/2017

okay so to prepare for the knowledge test all you really have to do is study and review.

--Clay Durant, 07/13/2017

I found that the most difficult part of the test was the part which involves the numbers (e.g. how many feet from the curb must you be when you parallel park, etc.). Definitely be sure to memorize the specifics for those.

--, 07/07/2017

It was easy, you will be perfectly fine. Just study the materials they provide you with.

--Julie Lam, 07/01/2017

Well after the 4 time I actually studied the material to seriously take the test and get it over with I sat down and took my time and read the questions carefully and the answer s and then I passed

--Braylan tillery, 06/29/2017

Make sure you review what you have gone over and do the flash cards to help until you memorize the information

--William Rodriguez, 06/25/2017

I prepared by going over the questions and going back to read before I took the exam. I found the hardest questions to be about distance away from things and maximum and minimum questions . The easiest were the road signs.

-- Cassidy , 06/25/2017

I really liked this course. It was very educational and I learned a lot.

--Braeden, 06/24/2017

Read everything, and pray that you pass.

--Gary Winthrop, 06/24/2017

As usual, tests are supposed to test you to see what you know.This test was not difficult, if you actually read through it. The information provided by this cite is not hard to learn but it takes time to learn. Paradise may lay past a wall that will try to stop you, don't let it. The main battles won are the battles in your head.

--Brian McQuay, 06/20/2017

To prepare for the knowledge test, I advise you to actually read every little thing and don't just skim through it.

--Jaylee Sims, 06/19/2017

The information in the texts may seem long but it's important.

--, 06/19/2017

Just review over the material and dont stress about it.

--Oury Goodwin, 06/19/2017

The knowledge test is simply basic comprehension and common knowledge its not that difficult besides the bicyclist passing and safety knowledge. Ps; If you fail the test it is not the same when you attempt it for the second time so don't just memorize the first failed attempt.

--Preston Hendrix, 06/15/2017

Very simple test if you studied, the homework helped, even though it takes awhile.

--Aidan Barker, 06/13/2017

What I would do to help you succeed would be to take extra notes and study before hand to get the best possible score. This is what I did and it helped greatly.

--Reed Shuffield, 06/12/2017

The permit test is not an easy test!! I suggest to look up practice test and study A LOT. Good luck, you've got this!

--Lauren Vega, 06/12/2017

study hard, pay attention to the signs

--Connor Wallis, 06/11/2017

This course did a great job preparing me for my knowledge test.

--Jalen Lake, 06/09/2017

This course did a great job preparing me for my knowledge exam.

--Jalen Lake, 06/09/2017

It was a really great experience that I am still learning about I never knew there was so much things about the road, it was a fun experience!

--Jazlyn Guerra, 06/08/2017

For me, test taking is easy. But for those who struggle in this area, all I can say is study. Look over the notes until you can almost recite them. If you do that, you'll be well on your way to finishing the test successfully.

--Brianna, 06/07/2017

The test was not that hard if you followed the course and studies the information given. It also helps if you have someone who can help you study by them asking you questions.

--Kate, 06/06/2017

The whole program is very good.

--Mikayla, 06/04/2017

Driver's ed shouldn't really be a problem for anyone, as long as they give a conscious effort. I have just finished the Knowledge Test and all I can say about it is that if I can pass it anyone can. However, when you are going through the lesson s never get too confident. By this I mean don't just wait for the 90 minutes on the computer to run out and then, without reading anything on the lesson, take the 4 question long test. your laziness can and Will catch up to you. you'll be fine if you try

--Joseph Sulaica, 06/02/2017

I just paid attention to the materials as it was taught and played the games a lot to absorb the info. Consequently I passed the first time

--Joseph good, 06/02/2017

It's really easy once you get a hang of it and helpful too. It might seem overwhelming at first, but learning all these stuff is totally worth it. I suggest taking several practice exams before the knowledge test and there'll be no way to fail.

--Jhianna Maxine Legas, 06/01/2017

It's an easy test. Mostly study on the signs and shape of the signs.

--Logan Roark, 05/20/2017

I read through every section and and tried my best to remember as much as I could! The law questions seem to be harder than those of the signs. Overall great experience easy affordable and fun!

--, 05/20/2017

the knowledge test for me was both difficult and easy. If you know what the road signs are and what they mean, also the rules of underage drinking, the colors of the stop lights, and other of the really easy concepts then that is when it is not difficult. But the questions that were most difficult were the lengths when you need to stop, the rules regarding headlights, and the amount of money needed for fines. I took the knowledge right after i completed the seven/ six hours needed.

--Aubrey Burwell, 05/18/2017

The test wasn't very hard at all! Review your notes, and take as many practice exams as you can until you feel confident! Good luck you'll do great!

--Lolita , 05/12/2017

I learned that driving without having your sit belt on is very unsafe

--ehkaw3, 05/10/2017

I think this program is really helpful!

--Brooke Scott, 05/05/2017

the test goes over the important basics and most questions are pretty obvious.

--drew johnson, 05/02/2017

test was easy, waited 3 hours at the dps...

--Brooks Bronson, 04/28/2017

What helped me pass the knowledge test? First, I made notes in my book. Second, I went through it 4 times a day(sometimes 5)Finally, I passed the practice tests so I know what I was dealing with.

--Caleb Ashmore, 04/28/2017

All the practice tests and knowledge test homework paid off. They made the test super duper easy!

--Noelia Davis, 04/21/2017

it was great!

--olivia parham, 04/21/2017

The knowledge test can be tricky in some parts but over all it has helped teach me many defensive driving tactics as well as how to keep others safe as well.I personally enjoy using safe to drive and hope others do as well.

--Michael Cyr, 04/19/2017

The way I learned and passed my knowledge test was I made notes in my Texas Drivers Handbook. It helped me and it will help you. Good luck!

--Caleb Ashmore, 04/19/2017

Pay very close attention through the first seven courses and you will achieve your life goal and will be one step closer to driving.

--tommy summers, 04/18/2017

While learning the first 6 hours of my learners permit, I paid close attention to things that seemed a little more complicated than common sense. Many of these included what to do at intersections and certain laws such as the Zero Tolerance law. Things such as roadway signs were really easy to remember because the signs mainly say what they mean. Examples for this include stop signs, speed limit signs, and route signs. In conclusion, the first 6 hours of this program is very easy to learn.

--Frankie Aymond, 04/17/2017

For the test you really have to pay attention to all the materials even though you might think it's not important, I promise you it will be on the test. You just need to return as hard as you can and work hard on it.

--Brandon Lancaster, 04/14/2017

What I did for the tests was that I knew just the thought of driving could be overwhelming, so I took my time and briefly read over the notes. At the end of each lesson I took around 5 practice exams so I wouldn't fail any of the tests.

--Cole, 04/10/2017

The knowledge test is lot of pressure but it's pretty simple if you know your stuff. The hardest part for me was probably traffic signals at intersections so make sure you got that down. I ran threw the reviews and practice tests a few times and that helped a bunch. Take notes! It's a lot of information and it's important to remember all of it. This class was really helpful.

--Emma Laxson, 04/07/2017

It was a great and easy experience, where i learned a lot about driving that i didn't know before. 10/10 would recommend

--Taylor Cook, 04/02/2017

For the test you reall have to pay attention to all the materials even though you might think it's not important, I promise you it will be on the test. You just need to return as hard as you can and work hard on it.

--Kaitlyn, 03/31/2017

I've learned a lot from this schoool and I hope they teach more. Also it is a really good website

--Daniel Dittman, 03/29/2017

Really easy, half is just traffic signs I've known since I was kid and the other half was remembering the laws from the course and most of those were common knowledge too

--molly, 03/24/2017

this test was fairly easy. you just have to use the common sense that you have from watching others drive and from what you've herd. but other than that I mean as long as you somewhat pay attention and comprehend what your reading then you should be good to go and it should be an easy pass.

--mercadys, 03/23/2017

If you go over key parts the night before and can understand the material you looked over you should be fine.

--Jasmin Norman, 03/22/2017

stress-free really easy to do i love it and would recommend for others

--David, 03/20/2017

It was easy

--Jt Jackson, 03/16/2017

It was fun

--Addison brown , 03/15/2017

Take notes while doing your first seven lessons. Study them daily, but don't use them on your knowledge test if you take it online!

--Mckenzie, 03/13/2017

it was awesome i would refer this drivers ed to anyone

--Cameron Byrom, 03/12/2017

Take your time

--Walter, 03/08/2017

Take your time and read all the courses available, this online driver's ed class is very helpful.

--Joe-Michael DeLosSan, 03/07/2017

Remember to study some of the fines

--Rayen, 03/04/2017

I think that you should definelty read thoroughly through the Handbook and lesson information before taking the knowledge test. If you do so it will be easy!!! Take your time and do the practice exams and games! They definelty help!!

--Alyese, 03/01/2017

The way i prepared for the test i downloaded the handbook and read the handbook. Most of the questions were very easy for me because i have been studying for a while and paying attention to the signs and warnings on the road way into the city and town.

--Conor Zuniga, 02/28/2017

I started out at 16 I am still 16 and working on my hours they have prepared me for the knowledge part and knowing what is what and what to do in certain condition there are certain parts that are troubling just reading it slowley and thoroughly and you should be just fine

--Seth johnson, 02/26/2017

If you want to pass this test you should focus on the material, do the study games that are provided, and focus on what your parents do on the road. It will help in the long run of becoming a better driver.

--Joseph Snider, 02/24/2017

This course was very convenient to me ! it was not very hard to do but time consuming

--trevor tregre, 02/22/2017

I made a power point with all the notes in it and highlighted what it tells you to know. The hardest part was memorizing all the signs and colors. The easiest for me was learning the right-of-way. The little games and exercises are very helpful.

--Savannah Heimbuecher, 02/21/2017

The course was very easy. But, be sure to read questions carefully.

--, 02/16/2017

This was a great way to prepare for my driver's ed test

--Kyle, 02/15/2017

Make sure to study!!!!

--Hunter patton, 02/14/2017

Study the different signs, and make sure you know all of the laws of texas, who has the right away and who dose not.

--Joshua Bowman, 02/08/2017

I studied for the test prior to taking it, i found that the signs portions of the test was the easiest.

--Sean Gleason, 02/04/2017

Just take your time are really read the information!

--Courtney, 02/04/2017

The test is very easy all you need is the book because it helps with the lessons . -og lovebone

--caleb, 02/01/2017

It's a pretty simple test that is over everything you've studied.

--, 01/31/2017

The test is pretty easy just make sure that you actually read every lesson so you know exactly what you need to know. The quizzes are there to help you so use them along with the flash cards that they provide for you those are really helpful. They help you brush up on things you may have forgotten. The signs were kind of difficult because there are so many of them,but once you constantly see them it becomes natural to remember them.

--Jade Simmons, 01/29/2017

The knowledge test was daunting, but I decided that the best way to review was to look over the notes that are provided in the lessons. I found the questions about the signs the hardest. To fix this I reviewed the sections about signs and their different uses. The best thing to do is to keep calm and remember that you have unlimited tries.

--Amber Harris, 01/20/2017

It was really simple. All you really need to know are the signs, speed limits, and basic rules. Then you are basically good to go

--Darian, 01/20/2017

Study Study Study!! and good luck!!

--Exolyn Edwards, 01/19/2017

Make sure you pay attention to what you are reading and take some practice test they help!

--Kassi Mashaw , 01/19/2017

This is a great website. If you are a fast learner, there are games at the end of the lessons so you don't waste time waiting to take the quiz. It is not hard and I'm excited to drive.

--, 01/19/2017

The test is very easy as long as you read the notes and study

--William Hinckley , 01/19/2017

The Knowledge Test is only a test that makes sure you are ready for to drive. I prepared by taking notes on lessons and studying both the notes and my parents driving. The signs were easier than the laws because they show I visual that you can base off of if you forget. This course has helped me a lot and I can't wait to continue.

--Bradley Moore, 01/19/2017

The easiest questions were the signs questions

--Lindsay Garcia, 01/17/2017

To prepare for the test I just went back and looked at a few lessons i struggled with basically. The easiest questions were the road sign questions hands down! Its very easy though not like any school test , its better.

--Ty Poindexter, 01/16/2017

It was an interesting experience, kinda lengthy but it was worth it.

--Dylan McKee, 01/12/2017

I've been afraid of driving for a while and had been putting it off. My sister used Safe2Drive to get her license. safe to drive was the best option for me. I love it. When taking the test or preparing for it, I really suggest doing ALL the games and homework. That really helped me. For me, the questions having to do with distance got me.

--Ally H, 01/07/2017

I did the questions in the back for the handbook that i got from the dmv. I studied those for a couple of day and felt confident to take the test. The test was really easy for me and i finished within a couple of minutes.One (out of two) questions that i missed was a common since on when to use a left turn lane, needless to say I didn't pick "to turn left only". Oops ;)

--Jessica H., 01/03/2017

I studied very hard for the test to make sure I was able to pass it. The questions I found the most difficult were the questions about the fines, and the questions I found that were the easiest were the questions about signs. If you study hard enough and put effort into learning all of the information they give you, you can most certainly come out successful.

--Lexi Kingston, 12/31/2016

To prepare for the test I used all the review games and studied my driver's handbook. The questions I found the most difficult are the ones I was already unsure of and couldn't find the answer clearly in the handbook. The easiest questions were the ones that had been repeated throughout the course.

--Nicholas Martinez, 12/30/2016

This program was really fun and easy. I am in band so I have a lot of practicing and thing with that,so this program made it easy for me to successfully do it on my own time.

--Katie, 12/29/2016

I made sure i went over the material that i learned in my lessons before i took the knowledge test. Signs were most difficult for me. The easiest questions were what to do if you're in a specific situation.

--Edith Nwosu, 12/28/2016

Was not hard, just pay attention to the lessons and read over the notes.

--Casey Sunseri, 12/23/2016

Just take your time.

--MaryAnn Cumpian, 12/22/2016

I would say that if you fail the test the first time and take it agian it is different from the first one.

--Payton , 12/22/2016

The most important thing to do when going through the safe2drive course is to READ ALL OF THE PASSAGES AND INFORMATION! I cannot stress that enough. Don't skip through thinking you already know this.

--Aleesa Fontana, 12/19/2016

Be sure to memorize everything before the knowledge test, knowing the road signs and laws will be very handy when you get on the road.

--Tim, 12/06/2016

Study the signs! It is a crucial part to the whole test.

--Ajay Hiremath, 11/23/2016

To prepare for the test I used the practice exams provided by Safe2Drive website. I then looked over my book from the DPS. During the test I stayed calm and if I didn't know the answer I answered it to the best of my ability. I passed! So, don't get nervous and study!

--Stephanie Koteras, 11/19/2016

To prepare for this test I studied very hard

--Jasmine Reynolds, 11/14/2016

the test wasn't that bad it was mostly common sense the hard questions were the distance between cars

--Joshua Sancez, 11/13/2016

I went back and study all of the lessons that I had to do to take my knowledge test.

--Cheyenne , 11/13/2016

The most difficult questions were the ones about the amount of feet for different things and the amount of money for fees, the easy ones were signs.

--Connor Durney, 11/09/2016

just need to know the road sighs and the law and you will do okay

--emory, 11/06/2016

The knowledge test was very easy for me. Just take little notes every now and then, and take the practice exam provided in the study materials and you should do fine!

--, 11/05/2016

It was a pretty easy test if u read the lessons. But study the signs and the meanings that is the hardest part.

--Alexander, 11/03/2016

The knowledge test is really easy and it really a lot of common sense questions. I only missed question, but you should really stay on top of your hours. i have to do 32 hours in 3 months and its really stressful. just make sure to stay on top of your hours and make sure to pay attention to the videos.

--Mallorie Jackson, 11/03/2016

Don't procrastinate, and you will do just fine.

--MaryAnn Cumpian, 10/30/2016

study alot

--jeremy , 10/24/2016

Its easy!

--Carter Thomas Whatle, 10/24/2016

It was kind of nerve racking. However when I completed it, it was so fulfilling.

--, 10/24/2016

Just make sure your read carefully and take up all of the time required when you are doing each section. Dont go straight into the knowledge test unless you are 110% sure that you are ready.

--Ciera, 10/23/2016

This wasn't as hard as I expected but to memorize and learn the signs would be helpful very much.

--Salmwet ocbazgi, 10/22/2016

The test was overall easy! As long as you make sure you know your road signs and make sure you know the meaning of them, you should be pretty much ready for the test!! Good luck!

--McKenna Oggier, 10/20/2016

good luck

--Garrett Cloud, 10/16/2016

I paid attention in the course and took my time. On the test, make sure you know distances, those were the only hard ones.

--Grace, 10/16/2016

The test was pretty easy to take. No need to panic over it. As long as you payed attention to the lessons and understand the main points, you will do great.

--Elizabeth Weaver, 10/12/2016

It was kinda hard to study because there was a lot on the test and there was a lot to go over but I studied for an hour straight and I did pretty well

--Timothy Harsh, 10/12/2016

Don't procrastinate, get it done fast as possible, so you can get your learner's license asap.

--Trystin Wyrick, 10/11/2016

To prepare for the test I just read carefully and then the test was easy!

--Carter Forrest, 10/09/2016

Be serious about it, do not just skip through it. it's all basically common sense, but it's always good to read through it just in case.

--Natalia Juarez, 10/06/2016

make sure to remember laws and signs

--ashtyn kincaid, 10/05/2016

Hardest was the minimum of insurance liability. Study the review. And it always helps to review them with your parents.

--Alex M., 09/27/2016

My tip would be to study the book. GOOD LUCK!!

--kaitlyn, 09/26/2016

For the most part i think it was easy. If you watch all the videos and do the practice exams and games the final tests will not be difficult.

--Alba Varela, 09/25/2016

Enjoyed it!!! It was fast and easy can't wait to drive!!

--Steve Castaneda, 09/21/2016

This was a very easy and informational course. I still have some modules to complete but I am loving this!!

--Alaira Ruttenburg, 09/21/2016

To prepare for the test, read and watch every video they give. to be successful in passing the knowledge test evaluate everything that you read and watch.

--Sahar Ali, 09/20/2016

Laws were a little hard to remember the signs are the easiest in my opinion

--Alexis , 09/20/2016

It was a pretty basic knowledge skills that are on the exam. You just have use the knowledge you learned and common sense to pass the exam. Don't be nervous because it is not meant to challenge, it is just to test your knowledge of basic road skills even if your not a pro driver.

--Alena, 09/18/2016

Study your signs, distances (like the distance that you are allowed to park from a fire hydrant, for example), and the costs of different things that the course has mentioned (like the minimum fine for your first speeding ticket, for example). If you do that, you should be good to go!

--Mykaela Holsome, 09/08/2016

helped a lot. taught me so much and so easy to use

--donye westbrooks, 09/08/2016

it was great. very informal and i learned so much

--donye westbrooks, 09/07/2016

Mostly just study and practice test with someone else

--, 09/06/2016

I love this!! Two hours a day will be a quick process I definitely recommend! I easily got my permit just by doing two hours a day

--Valerie Uscanga , 09/02/2016

I thought the test was pretty easy for me. I had to study a lot, and practice my vocabulary over and over again to make sure I got it right. I also had to pay a lot of attention to some of the main chapters, because a lot of that information is in the test.

--Ysa Gonzales , 08/31/2016

I thought this was going to be super hard, but it wasn't that bad and it was easy. Loved this course!! Hope every teen uses this.

--Vadeah, 08/29/2016

The knowledge test isn't that hard. It took about 10 minutes and they give you an hour. A lot of it is common sense, and thus far I haven't needed the book at all. Simple and easy, don't study for 20 hours but make sure to look over the material before the test. If you payed any attention to the lessons, you will pass without any trouble. And if you fail you only wait 24 hours before you can take it again, no big deal.

--Becky, 08/29/2016

The only thing that prepared me for the test was that i just read everything through safe 2 drive and watched every video.

--Westin Shapiro, 08/29/2016

When you do the first 6 hours you need to pay good attention to all the laws and rules

--, 08/28/2016