Written Exam Stories and Tips

Here are some stories and tips from students who have taken the DPS written exam to help you prepare for it. Click "Share My Story" above if you would like to share your own experience.


I have gotten my learner permit. Its a hard test but when you practice and study its pretty easy. lmao
--Noah Lake, 08/25/2019
I have, it was easy after studying
--Tad Ratliff, 07/02/2019
Well that was actually pretty easy, just get something like an app to help you before you take it, you'll be fine
--Sam, 06/14/2019
I started drivers ed after I got my permit and the thing that really helped me prepare was online quizzes!
--Annie B, 03/26/2019
I took my written test when I was 14 YO for my motorcycles license. I didn't prepare for it and failed it the first time but I went back the next day and passed. It's just a test, nothing to stress about.
--Jaron Stone, 12/26/2018
I took my permit test almost exactly when I turned fifteen and a half. The test was easy as long as you knew your information. I did it on a computer at the center. Like I said, its easy if you read/know all the information.
--Emma, 06/21/2018
Yes, I have! If you think you will pass the test without studying, then you are strongly mistaking
--Bryer Crosby, 04/22/2018
I have had a great experience with learning the rules of driving. It takes a lot more to driving than just steering a wheel and pressing the gas and brake.
--Malachi , 04/10/2018
i failed the test the first time i took it, and i asked my administrator why. He asked how i was studying and i told him that i found free practice tests online and that i had been doing those everyday. He then told me very simply "Well there's your reason." Apparently those tests were not certified and i had been studying the wrong material the whole time. He told me to simply read over my state's drivers manual before i came back to take the test the next day, and i passed with flying colors.
--Lainey, 03/20/2018
when I took my test I failed it three times, mostly because I am a very bad test taker and freak myself out. I would advise taking at least three deep breathes to calm down. Also know what stresses you out when you take a test and try your hardest to avoid your stress level getting up.
--, 01/09/2018
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