Written Exam Stories and Tips

Here are some stories and tips from students who have taken the DPS written exam to help you prepare for it. Click "Share My Story" above if you would like to share your own experience.


Just remember that the road is most slick when it first starts raining and buy a permit test book to study before the test.
--William White, 11/13/2021
yes, it was a very good experince,
--baylie warren, 09/03/2021
It was pretty easy, I only studied for a day.
--Isaac, 08/21/2021
I was 14 when I got my motorcycle license. I took the rules of the road test. Remember what a blank yellow circle means. Also remember the insurance laws.
--Preet Damani, 07/01/2021
I am generally a good test taker, there for I looked at a practice test once or twice and got a perfect score. It is pretty easy and most of it is just common sense.
--Lemay P., 01/29/2021
it was easy as long as you pay attention to what you are learning and study your surroundings.
--makayla , 01/05/2021
All I can say is be sure and study and get a good nights sleep the day before.
--Cole Reese, 07/24/2020
Its not hard, its all common sense
--Luke McNamara, 07/16/2020
It wasn't hard at all. the questions were common sense.
--Ari Jackson, 06/19/2020
My advice for other students would be to read the whole Oklahoma's DMV Manual. Take note of what lines in the roads mean. signs. and Carbon Monoxide! Just be calm and don't rush,,,,,, it's not that bad!
--Nicole Moore, 03/24/2020
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