Final Exam

How It Works

How It Works

We send instructions to the notary using the email or fax that you entered. We send the instructions immediately after you press the SEND button (coming up).

Avoid delays by ensuring the information you have entered is correct.

The instructions contain everything you need. Tell the notary you are there to take Safe2Drive's exam. You may take the exam on paper or online. The instructions include a copy of the exam. This allows you to take the exam on paper. The instructions also describe how you can take the exam online. Note the online exam requires a computer with internet access at the notary's office.

About the Exam

The exam has been created by Safe2Drive and is approved by the state of Arizona. Both versions of the exam --- online and paper --- are identical. The only difference is whether you use a pencil (paper) or mouse (online).

For the Paper Exam
  1. Show your photo ID to the notary.
  2. Take the exam.
  3. Have the notary fax the exam to Safe2Drive.
For the Online Exam
  1. Sign in to your account and click "Resume Course". You will come to the page where you last left off.
  2. Click the "I am at the notary" button.
  3. Have the notary click the "Verify" button.
  4. Take the exam.

The exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions and takes about 30 minutes. You will know your score immediately if you take the online exam. You will know your score in about two hours if you take the paper exam.

Notary Fee

Most notaries charge about $10 for their services.